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USB Over Ethernet Software Guide

A computer without a USB port or Internet connection is extremely limited. Without the ability to connect to other computers or peripheral devices, it can be hard to get anything done.

Combining the functionality of the Internet with USB devices is the purpose of USB over Ethernet software. IT’s capabilities go far beyond that of USB-to-Ethernet adapters which let you plug Ethernet cables into USB interfaces.

USB over Ethernet technology such as that offered by USB Network Gate lets you connect to remotely located peripheral devices over any TCP/IP-based network. The application, developed by Electronic Team Inc., gives you full functionality over remotely connected USB devices.


Here are some of the features that this software solution provides over secure wireless connections to remote USB peripherals:

Remotely access and control USB devices

Creating a connection over the network to a remote USB device gives you full control of the equipment. It is recognized and used by your machine in the same way as if you had directly attached the device to your computer. Make use of USB scanners, webcams, dongles, and more without being anywhere near the physical devices.

Access USB in remote desktop sessions

USB Network Gate makes it easy to redirect USB traffic from locally connected devices to an RDP session. This can be difficult to accomplish without a third-party software solution.

Use USB devices with virtual machines

If you use virtual environments, you know it can be hard to access locally attached USB devices from your virtual machines. Using USB to Ethernet software makes it easy to use your peripheral equipment in virtual environments like XenDesktop, VMware, VirtualBox, or Hyper-V.

USB over Ethernet technology can be very beneficial in many cases such as:

Business use

A company will often have dedicated USB devices that need to be used by various employees throughout the enterprise. Rather than spending time swapping devices in and out of different computers, USB over Ethernet technology lets a device be shared by multiple users without being physically connected to their systems.

International corporations

The geographic location of their equipment has no impact on the ability of companies to share USB devices with USB Network Gate. As long as the device and intended user are on the same network, the peripheral can be used as if a direct physical connection existed.

Software developers

The process of sharing and connecting to remote USB devices can be automated with USB Network Gate’s command-line interface. The USB over Ethernet technology that powers the app can be licensed for use in commercially developed hardware and software.

Clients are impressed with the results obtained from USB Network Gate.

“With this simple to use USB over Ethernet solution, we have fixed all dongle-related problems affecting our development efforts. We are now sharing several dongles directly attached to my computer with multiple VMs on the machine. The guest operating system recognizes the devices as soon as they are selected in Network Gate’s interface. Team productivity is enhanced by this capability.”

It’s very likely that your office or organization can also benefit from this reliable USB over Ethernet solution. Get complete details on the product’s website and start sharing your USB devices over the network.

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