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Useful Websites to Help Write a Good Blog Posts (2023, 2024)

Blog writers are the superheroes of internets. They open the doors to abundant knowledge of almost everything on the planet. From how to take care of your baby to how to build your own house, bloggers can walk you through every phase of your life.

So we are talking about some serious responsibilities here. A blog post could be based on individual experience or research. The appeal of blog posts compared to other articles is how one can relate to it on a personal level.

With a new blog post service sprouting up every day, the competition is getting tougher. It is thus essential to keep up high standards and deliver the best quality content to the readers. So here we have a few secrets that you could use on how to write a blog post that stays the best and elegant.


Grammarly is the one true best friend any blogger could have. It is essentially a grammar checker that proofreads a document and tells you what error needs to be fixed and how. You can add it to your browser as an extension, use it as a tool or even download the app so you will get the suggestions as you type on the keyboard.

Grammarly comes in both free and paid versions. The paid version certainly comes with a few more tools that work well for the writers in the world. The checking is more effective that shows the advanced errors and corrections. There is also a plagiarism tool to ensure that the content is not copied from elsewhere. For a more thorough checking, you can also request a human proofreader for additional pay depending on how fast you need the verification done.


Blogging is a difficult task. Not everyone who has a website can come up with their own blog articles. Fortunately, there are services online that can help bloggers with quality content for their websites. Essaypro is an affordable essay writing service that has been consistently offering the best writings for bloggers and students.

You can request for an article from the website directly and state all your requirements. Professional writers will then bid on it, and you can pick the most suited writer. Specific articles with strategically placed keywords and search engine optimizations are done errorfree by experienced writers. The articles are 100 % plagiarism free and are always well researched for the topic.


For quality blog posts, readability is of much importance. Hemingway is a tool that checks for the quality of the written content. Inspired by the concise writing style of Ernst Hemingway, the tool uses color-coded suggestions to highlight the parts of the document that needs editing.

Users can switch between the write mode and edit mode. Write mode will enable the editing options while as you type itself and editing mode can be used to check documents that are already written. The app also functions as a word processor with the essential formatting tools.

Once the editing is complete, there are further options to publish the document or share it with others.


Quetext is among the best plagiarism checkers available on the internet. It is a highly advanced plagiarism detection software that uses the DeepSearch™ technology to offer expert feedback to detect duplicate content. It also has a citation assistant, and are used widely by 1 million users worldwide.

The website allows you to upload five documents at once to do the checking. You can also get detailed PDF reports on how the written content is performing; with an option to store the reports with the Pro version. Writers can also exclude sources if they have already got approval from it or is citing the source.

Life of Pix

If it often the featured snippet that leads one to a particular blog, the right pictures could also manage to speak many words to make the blog attractive. Find free stock images that can emphasize the website and its content from the Life of Pix.

The site features brilliant pictures taken by professionals and free of royalty. One can also download videos and clips to make it more interesting. Photographers could also use this platform to upload their own pictures.

Blogging as simple as it might seem to an untrained eye, is indeed a difficult task. Keep up with the challenge of using these tools to set your online career.

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  1. I’m using Grammarly. It’s really very useful for me. It’s nice not to miss a comma in an email or while posting on social media, I’m not sure the program is worth its hefty price tag month-to-month, especially if you’re a novice looking to learn more about writing.

  2. Check out those AI tools nowadays!

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