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Skype Voice and Video Chat Alternatives

While Skype (with Video conferencing up to 10 people) has been a household mainstream platform for consumers for over a decade, there are several other services that offer the same thing and more.  Here are some others to consider:


Phytter by HEC International Philippines is a reliable and friendly online VoIP option that can be used in as many ways as you like.

Phytter by HEC International Philippines

iPhytter 3.0 is a free application and is available for international calling at an extremely low communication fee.  As long as the internet is accessible, you can enjoy SIP calls anywhere. iPhytter is simple and handy and can help you cut extra calling expenses.
A free plan is available, which only requires registration of PHYTTER ID.

It can be a fax machine, conference tool, broadcaster and just general chat system. With this, many people find it increasingly easy to work with Phytter as it offers a more general, all-purpose range of solutions unlike many other VoIP systems.    From using it as a fax machine to sending conference dates and managing the call from one app, Phytter makes it easier than ever before to manage and successfully prepare your performance as a business.

Google Voice and Google Hangouts

Google Voice phone service gives you a free phone number to use on your phone, tablet, and computer.  The service offers international calling, conferencing, call blocking, ringing any of your phone lines, voicemail and voicemail transcription, text messaging from your phone or computer from your free phone number and more.  Currently the service is limited to US subscribers.  Android or iOS.  Calls within the US and Canada are free except for a few areas which cost 1 cent per minute.  Calles to the US and Canada from other countries are 1 cent per minute. To setup Google Voice, all you need is a PC browser with Internet, telephone and a US phone number.

International users have the option to make calls using Google Hangouts (with Video conferencing up to 10 people) on a computer, Android or Apple mobile device.

WeChat (Voice and Video Conferencing up to 9 people)

WeChat is a free messaging service for desktop or mobile smartphone (iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry, Symbian) that offers phone calls, video conferencing and conference calls, instant messages, voice and text messages.

Features including “Look Around”, which allows users to find other users through geo-location; “Moments”, for capturing and sending photos; “Walking Talkie”, for inviting friends into a “walkie-talkie” style group chat.

WeChat also offers a VoIP service enabling users to make international calls for low rates.

YouVoice (Voice 1-1 calling and 3-way)

Get the app for free, it is one of the easiest and greatest ways to connect with your friends or with new people.
YouVoice has all the messaging features you may need. You can send any type of multimedia, all you need is a stable internet connection. You can use it with your contact list and friends, or with the new people you meet through the platform. If you are offline and someone messaged you, you will get the messages instantly when you go online.You can voice chat with your YouVoice Contacts and enjoy all features of the App in parallel. Consequently you can add a friend during your 1-on-1 conversation and even update your list of YouVoice Friends at the same time.

Want to easily meet new people, connect and have fun? It is one of the best ways to have fun or connect anonymously. The app will enable you to find friends and connect with random people that have similar interests. YouVoice has all the needed features you may need to make a meaningful interaction.

Viber (Voice and 1-1 Video calling)

Viber enables you to make calls and group calling up to 50 people, video chats, texts, and image sharing over wifi connections.  Calls between Viber users are free and start at .013/minute for calling out.  Viber works across computers, Windows, iOS and Android smartphone devices.

Line (Voice and 1-1 Video calling)

Line is a messaging software that enables real-time voice and video calls, individual and group messaging, photo and video sharing, send voicemails and location information.  Calls between Line accounts are free, and calls outside of the app are 1 cent per minute. The service is available for desktops and smartphones (iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry, and Nokia).

Appear.in (Video Conferencing for 8 people)

Appear.in enables you to video conference up to 8 people. All you need is a browser to run the service. The process involves a straightforward chat room creation with various options. Appear.in works across computers, iOS and smartphone Android smartphone devices.

ooVoo (Video Conferencing for 12 people)

ooVoo enables you to video conference up to 12 people. Setup is simple and only requires a browser or mobile app to run the service.  You can send a web-bast chat to anyone by sending a link to join a video call.  The service is available for desktops and smartphones (iOS, Android, Windows Phone).

Talky (Video Conferencing for 15 people)

Talky is a free and simple video calling service for up to 15 people in a room. Setup is simple and only requires a browser or mobile smartphone app to run the service. Simply enter a room name on the homepage to start a chat. Chat rooms may be protected.


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