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Ways to Beat the FOMO Blues

If you have been into social media for a long time now, you will know a dictionary of abbreviations that are often used to save the number of characters used in every post.

Abbreviations like GTG, BRB, FYI, DM, IMO, and hundreds of others have been doing the rounds for the last few years but the one that everyone can relate to is FOMO – Fear Of Missing Out.

The fact that you are all worked up in your office or personal life and missing out on the happier moments of life can be frustrating. That is why people upload #FOMO posts with stuff that they want to do but are not able to.

Here are a few suggestions that you can try to beat your FOMO blues:

Gather your friends and play all night long

There is nothing like having friends over to spend an eventful night. Work life can make it tough for friends to meet frequently but you can always catch up even if you manage to spend some time only once a month.

Many people fear of missing out on their friend’s wedding or the birth of a child of their best friend, and so on. If you are in high school, you can call all your friends to play on the Xbox.

Alternatively, you can arrange and select online games to play with friends and make sure they are playing the same game. Online gaming has brought friends from all over the world together. This will be even more enjoyable if you own a set of wireless earphones or a headphone of your choice.

If you don’t want to have major FOMOs of not being in contact with your childhood friends, or not spending time enough with them, it will be better to connect with them through online games. At least everyone will have a good laugh on how a particular friend got spanked on Counter Strike!

Find your passion in your hobby

Hobbies change as you grow old. You may have loved to collect stamps when you were small but that changed to photography or some other hobby as you grew older.

Always remember, you are not too old to know how to find a hobby. If you wake up one day to feel that you should be doing photography, go out and take a few shots and satisfy your mind.

See if it becomes your passion and hobby or not. Most people think that hobby and passion are different but it can be the same thing too. However, it is important to find time to satisfy your hobby and do justice to it. Follow this and you will never fear of missing out on what keeps you happy.

Do what your heart wants

Everyone will go to the grave one day or the other. But wouldn’t it be good to have no regrets of missing out on something you would have loved to do but didn’t because you did not push a bit harder?

That is the extreme FOMO blue that any person would have. It doesn’t matter what you want – you can play the ever entertaining casino games that you wouldn’t even have dreamed of playing but you might get lucky at baccarat or poker, go trekking on your own and explore, or even teach homeless kids the basic lessons that they should learn to become good human beings.

The fear of missing out on your friend’s wedding can be frustrating but dealing with the fear of missing out to be a happier person can be more painful in the long-run.

Understand that you may not get everything you want

The needs of people are limitless and the desires are endless. If you fear of missing out on everything you wish from life, it will be utter foolishness. That is why it is important to prioritize things that are more important to you. This will shorten the list and make your dreams more chase-able.

Final Words

Everyone goes through a phase of FOMO, especially when they see their friends or relatives doing the same thing that they wanted to do but couldn’t. Follow the tips above and you will never regret a thing in life.




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