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What an IT Specialist Can Do for Your Monetized Websites

You probably already know there are all kinds of ways that you can monetize a website. Some individuals even set up multiple monetized sites, so they have numerous revenue streams. The sites might sell similar services and products, or they can all be in completely different niches.

Whatever services or products the sites provide, though, you’re going to need to handle various website tasks, and you might not have the time or the skill set to do it. That’s when you should consider bringing in an IT specialist. An IT specialist can handle your different site tasks, so you’ll keep making money off each one.

We’ll take a moment to get into some specifics regarding what an IT specialist can do in this capacity.

They Can Handle All the Hosting Platform Decisions

Let’s say you want to set up a WordPress membership site. Maybe you have specialized DIY home improvement tips, and you have videos and pictures set up behind a paywall. Your IT specialist can figure out which website hosting service makes the most sense for you.

They might set you up with:

  • Cloud hosting
  • Shared hosting
  • Virtual private server hosting

These are a few options, but there are also others, like a dedicated server and managed hosting. Each one has distinct positives and negatives, including security features, how much they cost, and how much bandwidth they offer your site.

However, you might have other things to do besides learn all about various website hosting options. If you’re an entrepreneur, you could have other endeavors you’re trying to pursue. Maybe you have startup ideas you’re taking to venture capitalists, or perhaps you’re trying to attract angel investors.

You can hand the reins to your IT specialist. They should be able to select the right option, provided you agree that the price is right.

They Can Handle Your Security Protocols

If you actually want as little to do with the everyday website running as possible, that means you’ll need someone else to handle the security measures. Your IT specialist can certainly do that for you. They can set up:

  • Your firewall
  • Your password system
  • Your file transfer protocol

They might also look at things like your secure sockets layer and secured file transfer protocol. They can protect the site’s hot links and set up proper DDOS prevention.

If you don’t know much about this sort of thing, suffice to say all that should be in place if your customers are going to trust you and hand over their credit card information. This is another reason you want a competent IT specialist: if someone doesn’t put all these safeguards in place, your customers can get their data stolen. If that happens, they will probably never trust you again.

An IT Specialist Can Post Your New Site Content

Another thing they can do for you is to post the new site content that will keep your buyers interested. You want static content on the site. This is your site’s bedrock and what people are paying for each billing cycle.

However, you need a fresh content stream too. You might have a hand in creating the new content, whether that’s videos, pictures, audio files, blog posts, or whatever else. You could also have someone handle all of that for you.

You might not have the time or the aptitude to post all that new content, though. You can rely on your IT specialist to do that as well, so your subscribers will stay happy, and none will drop off.

They Can Update Your Plugins and Themes

One final thing an IT specialist can do for your website is they can update the various themes and plugins you have in place. If you used WordPress for site creation, you have hundreds of themes and plugins from which to choose. There are ones that work well for specific niches, but ultimately, it’s the site admin’s choice which of them makes the most sense for your needs.

Once you have your theme and plugins in place, someone will need to update them periodically as new versions become available. That’s something else your IT specialist can handle. You can update some themes with a single keystroke, but some others require a little more effort.

You should be happy paying an IT specialist’s salary if they can keep your member websites running smoothly. Make sure you hire someone with excellent credentials and a well-established background in this area.

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