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What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Gamification?

Gamification could be very promising for a company that is looking forward to engaging more customers using games. Gamification is simply adding game mechanics to your website, or any online community, or learning site to increase the participation of your users.

This attracts more customers to your Website. Users can make quick decisions and can have a better experience. You can trigger a customer emotionally that will help your business to achieve the goal.

Gamification also allows users to gain more rewards each time they clear a certain level to reach the next level. You must have seen a few games on some websites where they use gamification to attract more users by engaging them and giving rewards. It’s like the candy crush software where you win and earn interesting rewards and achievements. Gamification also helps customers to understand your services, products, and business to improve interaction and it also helps your business to understand your customers.

Advantages of Gamification

There are lots of advantages of implementing gamification in a company.

Let’s look into some of the positive sides of gamification.


Something that is interesting to do or motivates you can increase your productivity. Using game dynamics can help your employees to increase their productivity in the workplace. This will increase the customer and your employee’s satisfaction as gamification provides achievements and reward that will give your employees a reason to work that will motivate them and it will initially increase productivity.

Student Engagement

Most school or college students like to play games. Gaming is part of life for most kids and it helps the student to improve focus. Using games with learning tools can help the students to focus more and learn everything easily. No one likes to attend and listen to boring lectures and write notes. Using games, you can help the student to understand the context easily and improve engagement. Each time students will earn some reward or badges for correct answers will give them the motive to study.

Better Communication

Communication is the key to understanding someone better. Most people have a hard time communicating with other people in the workplace or classes. Gamification will help to build better communication with each other as people will talk about the game and their level and achievements that will help employees or students to understand and communicate with each other better. It helps to build a social connection with your customers too.


Who doesn’t like to play games? By implementing gamification, you are engaging your users and attracting more customers because it makes your learning and buying more interesting. If you have created a game, it is obvious that people will play it because they want to know how the game works. Adding game mechanics to the learning process or buying from a website could be very entertaining as your users can win exciting rewards and unlock new achievements.

Instant Feedback

What you like and dislike about the game or what things need to be changed. You can share your instant feedback. This helps the customers and also the learner to share their valuable feedback on what needs to be changed and what they like about it. It will help your business to improve as you will know what your users are up to so the next time they will be visiting they will have a better experience.

Disadvantages of Gamification

Everything has a positive and negative effect. Gamification also has some negative sides for instance.


The most important thing when you are developing a game is you need some budget. You want to develop a game that will help your business to grow and increase sales. But if you don’t have enough budget to develop a game then you should not waste your time. Your ultimate goal is to grow your business but if you invest your money to develop a game that will engage customers how will you increase your business? You also need the resources for developing a certain game.


There is so much competition in the market you know that a game is played by so many people and the leader board will only show the top players. There are so many people like you who are playing the game to earn rewards this will increase competition. There are a lot of other companies who might be doing the same to increase their business. Competition is real in the market. You need to have better plans and need to implement them accordingly.

The Ultimate Goal

Overdoing something will decrease the purpose of that thing. If you focus more on developing a game to attract more customers and repeat the same process over and over again you will lose value. Your ultimate goal is to increase your business using a game, not engaging your customers too much in the game so they might forget the real intention of playing that game. Your game shouldn’t be distracting your customers from increasing your business sale. If the game is too long and is complicated for your user you might lose your customers.


If you have an objective you need to plan for it. You cannot simply develop a game and expect it to play by everyone. If your game is not increasing your business sale then there is something wrong and you need to plan. You need to build a connection with your customer to increase your business sale and if you fail then there is no point. Not even a game can help if it is not engaging your customers. Your lack of strategy can affect your business so plant before you are implementing.

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Gamification could be very useful for business and learning purposes to engage more users. But you need to have the right idea and choose the best rewards and achievements. Slot game software is just like the slot machine game that gives you a reward when you play and win. Gamification has a lot more to offer you for your company and employees. But remember don’t overdo it or it will lose the main purpose of your company. It can be very beneficial for your business to improve sales but you need to plan.

Hermit Chawla is an MD at AIS Technolabs which is a Web design and Development Company, helping global businesses to grow by Game app developer. I would love to share thoughts on Social Media Marketing Services and Game Design Development etc.

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