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What is CPU Benchmark and How to Increase It?

There are different ways to measure the performance of a computer. Some of these measuring criteria include core count, memory installed, GPU memory, clock speed, etc.

However, if you want to measure the performance of your gaming CPU or your latest top-of-the-line CPU then you need a benchmark to measure performance. A Benchmark score will also help you to determine if your new computer will run a particular application or a game.

To increase the performance, you have to boost the CPU benchmark. There are different ways in which you can understand CPU benchmark and increase CPU benchmark score.

What is the CPU Benchmark score?

Benchmarks are necessary for comparing different CPUs to check their performances with other CPUs. Benchmark scores are necessary for comparing performance computers. Benchmark will test your computer using different tests.

Need for benchmark score:

  • In the case of building a new computer or buying a new one: Benchmark score will tell them about the CPU’s ability to run certain programs and applications. Before buying a new system or building a new one then benchmark score is necessary. You can find scores of different CPUs on the internet so you can compare them.
  • Before upgrading your old computer: Before upgrading your old computer, you have to compare benchmark scores of different CPUs. Once you get the CPU with a good score then you can upgrade your old CPU with a new one.
  • To check the performance of your upgraded CPU: Once your computer is upgraded you can check the performance of your newly upgraded computer.
  • Overclocking: Some CPUs can be overclocked so that you can increase its performance. You can check the benchmark score after overclocking so that you can check the performance of the computer.

How is the benchmark score calculated?

To determine the benchmark score of the CPU there are different tests. These tests are performed on the CPU and after all the calculations benchmark score is calculated.

Check CPU benchmark score

There are different criteria that are used when calculating for benchmark score. To check total benchmark score Clock speed, Number of instructions executed, Registry calls per cycle, Overall architecture efficiency factors

Benchmark score will be different for different CPUs, CPU manufacturers, and generation of CPU.

To calculate this there are different software for cpu benchmark available, the software that is used to calculate benchmark will also tell you all about the other CPU information and other components.

How to increase CPU benchmark score and PC performance?

There are different ways that can increase PC performance and benchmark score. Usually, upgrading the components of the computer increases the PC performance and Benchmark score.

Below you will find the ways that will help you to increase benchmark performance and PC performance.

Disabling visual effect

Visual effect takes lots of memory that will decrease the performance of the computer. Visual effects will also decrease the benchmark scores. If you want to increase the performance of the computer you can disable all the visual effects. By disabling the visual effects, you will free the memory resulting in an increase in PC performance and Benchmark score.

Adjust power setting

All the computers come with different power settings that can increase and decrease the performance of the computer. Generally, the power settings do not affect desktop computers but it plays a very important role on the laptops. Laptops run on battery so power settings are set to balance or power saver settings to save battery.

If we change the power settings to High Performance then it will increase the performance of the computer and increase its benchmark score.

Clean junk and temporary files

By removing the junk files, temporary files, and unwanted files will help you to increase the speed of the computer and its performance. There are different software that can help in removing junk files, temporary files, and unwanted files from the computer.

Disk Defragment

Defragmenting a disk will increase the overall performance of the computer. When we install, uninstall and move the files then fragments are created on the disk, these fragments will slow down the working of the computer. By defragmenting, reduce the read and write times of our computer.

Upgrade the CPU

If you are using an old computer then you need to upgrade your computer. The first thing you have to do is to check if your computer is upgradable or not.

If your computer is upgradable then the first thing that you can do is upgrade its CPU then its RAM, then hard disk.

If you have a fairly new computer then you can upgrade its GPU to increase PC performance and increase benchmark score.


A Benchmark score is necessary for gamers, usually gaming computers are compared on their performance using benchmark score. The more the benchmark score the more its performance will be and will work better. Therefore, when purchasing a new computer benchmark score is very necessary, and the bigger the number is better the computer is.

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