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What is Dedicated Internet Access and is it the Right Solution for Your Company?

Not all internet connections are created equal. Your home internet, for example, is not severely hampered if you split your connection with your neighbors. But if your company relies on your internet-facing services to do business, constrained bandwidth may have a serious impact on productivity.

That’s where dedicated bandwidth comes in…

Business Internet Service Providers (ISP’s) like On Q can create specific service level agreements that provide guaranteed high-speed and uninterrupted internet connectivity for your business.  It’s like having a private traffic lane to get to all the destinations you and your team need to access.  No sharing of resources with others means faster travel times and less delay when you’re accessing servers at the other end.

What Is Dedicated Internet Access (DIA)?

To really comprehend DIA, you must first grasp the principles of shared internet services. The speed of each shared user’s connection is determined by the total bandwidth of the service, divided by the number of networks accessing it.

To go back to our highway example, think of bandwidth as the number of lanes on a highway. Just like a highway where you can go faster when there are fewer cars or when there are more available lanes, your internet speed (as a subscriber to shared internet access) depends on the total bandwidth of your connection (how many lanes are available) divided by the number of networks (cars using the highway) at any given time.

On the internet, there can be heavy traffic, much like on a highway. When it comes to shared internet access plans (most domestic or entry level business internet plans), users can experience delayed or unreachable internet for brief periods during peak hours thanks to the congestion. Because rush hour traffic inconvenience is a nuisance but not a threat, you can tolerate it at home, but not in a business.

Dedicated internet access agreements are critical for companies that experience real-time revenue losses due to any lag time or downtime in internet service.

Four Benefits of a Dedicated Internet Service

Dedicated Internet Access is a more expensive option to consider.  You will need to balance the benefits of a DIA service against the financial loss your firm could suffer if you continue to experience rolling internet outages.

Here are the benefits:

Guaranteed Bandwidth

Unlike a shared internet access plan, signing-up to a DIA agreement guarantees that your network traffic will not compete for space on a shared information highway. Your ISP commits to providing you with a specific amount of bandwidth, so you won’t have to worry about your network’s activities getting caught in traffic again. This type of plan makes a massive difference for your company if your revenue is directly tied to continual internet access.

Symmetrical Upload and Download Speeds

With most shared internet access plans, your download speed is often greater than your upload rates since individuals tend to download more data from the internet than they upload. However, for businesses that rely on video conferencing, voice conferencing, or bulk messaging services, upload speeds must be as quick as download speeds to avoid lagging or any service outage. A dedicated Internet Access plan guarantees that you receive a symmetrical (or matching) speed on both downloads and uploads.

A more Secure Network

In today’s cyber climate, maintaining the security of your network is critical. Dedicated internet access protects your network from breaches by keeping it isolated from other networks, which helps to improve overall cybersecurity. You can spend more time improving the security of your other digital vulnerabilities because you won’t be as concerned about the impact of other networks being attacked and consuming bandwidth or being able to launch attacks against yours via your ISP.

Better Customer Support from ISPs

Pay more and you get more.  When you use a shared internet connection, it’s not unusual to wait two to three business days for an issue with your ISP to be resolved. When you upgrade your internet service to dedicated access, however, your service requests become a top priority for your provider, and you will enjoy a much higher level of service.

A Dedicated Internet Access agreement is the solution to losing potential customers due to glitchy, slow, or lagging internet.  Hiring an IT consultant can help you make a final determination on whether the cost of dedicated internet access is worth it for your business, but we encourage you to consider all four benefits ­– guaranteed bandwidth, symmetrical upload and download speeds, improved network security, and fantastic customer support – before making this important decision.

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