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What is Service Design and Its Connection to UX/UI

Service design helps to organize customer service, taking into account the consumer’s needs, to create solutions in such a way that the services provided to the client fully meet their expectations.

While service design is usually discussed in connection to the business, product design agencies are also responsible for good service design.

What is Service Design?

Service design is focused on internal problems, on the business’s functioning in such a way to create trusting relationships with customers and satisfy their needs. If you explain clearly, then imagine that in your area, two confectioneries are opening. Service design is what makes you choose one product and not another.

Let us see how service design works in practice:

  • Imagine two bakeries. Both decided to make an app to attract more clients. It seemed that such a modern solution could solve all their problems.
  • The first bakery made an app that they liked. But this was not enough since there is absolutely nothing in the application that could attract buyers, nothing interesting to the clients. They trusted their taste, while the correct approach would be to ask the customers what they want to see and conduct research.
  • The other bakery also made an app. But their strategy was slightly different.
  • First of all, they hired a person who studied the market and tried to understand the bakery’s whole internal structure as a business.
  • Then, he studied the clients: what attracted them to the bakery and what services would motivate them to use the app. That was a complex psychological process that requires a complete immersion in the “skin” of customers to understand what they need at a given time. For example, it turned out that many clients would like to order delivery to their own homes.
  • Only after that, the company started to make an application. And the users began to use it because there they could order a delivery.

Well, what’s the difference? It would seem that the application is similar. The second bakery understood that everything they do is not for them but for people. They did not make the application for themselves to increase the number of visitors. They strived to solve the problems of people, and that helped them to develop their own business. Experienced professionals in UX/UI design never start developing an app without thorough research of clients’ needs and desires.

What is the Advantage of Service Design?

No business can be built without service design. You may consider this unnecessary while your competitors are already actively using customer-oriented service design principles in their business. If we think about how quickly service design spreads in the modern world, not a single product or service will be done in a couple of years without regard to this framework.

Service Design Principles

Service design is based on three principles:

  • Customer needs are of foremost importance. You need to put customer needs first and do everything to ensure that the customers will return again and again. Giving people what they want from you, grow your business, develop your brand, and benefit in the long run.
  • The second is co-creation. No enterprise can function without qualified personnel. Every member of the team makes an impact on sales. This means that they must develop all ideas together. Your staff should feel that they are treated with attention and respect. Deeply caring about your team, you will get a company of people who care for your business as if it were their own. This is the only way to succeed.
  • The third is integrity. Only if all employees interact with each other will they be able to understand all the processes and be helpful to customers when needed.

Service Design and UX/UI Design

Developing an app, you make a tool that should integrate with your client’s business processes and solve their problems. You cannot go without intensive research that helps you understand the structure of their company. You also have to study the niche and see what the competitors are already doing in UX/UI to achieve better results.

However, an application, website, or software system is developed not only for your client but also for the clients of your client. You need to understand their needs and desires and apply the latest technologies to create a product that can help them. This way, service design combined with UX/UI design makes you think on two different levels.


If you do not know how to transform your business, start applying all the three principles of service design. As a result, you can build a quality workflow, better satisfy your clients’ needs, and boost sales.

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