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What is the Wav Audio File Format: Understanding the Quality

A similar format appeared on the Internet and began to be used back in the distant 90s, but it begins to receive its recognition and popularity only now. The name of the format comes from comparison with the traveling wave, which is visible on the icon of your audio recording with a similar extension.

WAV is a standardized format created for storing musical records, melodies, it is implemented in a digital type and is more convenient and works best on the operating system Windows.

The well-known Microsoft company developed the WAV format so that it was possible to store music on numerous technical devices universally and in full without loss of quality.

In most cases, those musical recordings that the format stores are preserved in their original, original form, which improves the sound quality of the music. However, sometimes there are recordings stored in a compressed form, so it is impossible to say that all recordings in the WAV format, without exception, are not compressed or distorted.

In comparison with other well-known formats for storing music, WAV, due to its detailed platform for the implementation of the highest quality sounds, takes a little more memory than, for example, the same MP3.

But here the consumer is already faced with the question of choosing quality or saving space.

Again, it all depends on the functionality, if you constantly work with the creation of sound effects, high-quality and deep musical accompaniment, then, undoubtedly, your option is WAV.

How to Get a WAV file?

Fortunately, our highly developed modern information technologies and computer networks allow us to open any audio recording format. For this, specialists have developed a good block of smoothly running programs that convert and translate into a playback format convenient for a computer. But the most convenient way would be not to convert through the same familiar Windows Media Player, VLC, iTunes, QuickTime, Microsoft Groove Music, but to download the original, untouched file to WAV on Youtube, there is a wider range of high-quality music files, over which you do not have to work additionally, they can be downloaded and applied immediately.

For what purposes and for what purpose you can use files in WAV format?

As already mentioned, the WAV format takes up a lot of disk space and on other types of storage.

Of course, the format does not have the same degree of versatility and playback speed as MP3, but it has much more potential in the high-tech field.

The format is ideal for music lovers, true connoisseurs of music, for whom it is extremely important to feel and pass through every sound, without missing a single detail created by the musician.

In addition, of course, the format will be as convenient and even necessary for those who are engaged in various kinds of video shooting, musical accompaniment of the photo gallery. Now it is becoming very popular, because the blogging industry is developing well, maintaining pages on Instagram.

Also, the format can be used for sound effects of games, composing musical compositions for various performances and shows.

The arsenal for use is actually very large, it can be used very well in all creative endeavors.

Comparing the Pros and Cons of using MP3 and WAV

The description of the WAV format has already been given above, therefore, in order to most fully compare it with MP3, a little description of its principle of operation follows.

The MP3 format is a universal multimedia way of storing audio recordings in a compressed form, it is supported by all modern operating systems.

Due to their small size, they are widely used and easily downloaded from servers, but with a huge loss in sound quality.

The WAV bitrate is almost 5 times higher than the MP3 bitrate: its quantitative characteristics are approximately equal, respectively: 320 kbps and 1400 kbps, the high WAV bitrate is determined by its high quality of sound implementation, the speed of changing sounds. The shape of files created in WAV format is comparatively larger than MP3 files.

Thus, taking into account all the known facts, you can list the pros and cons of the formats.

Pros of MP3

  • takes up little space in disk or computer memory,
  • popular and opens with all operating systems.

Cons of MP3

  • poor sound quality,
  • practically nowhere to use in professional spheres,
  • low functionality,
  • small bitrate

Pros of WAV

  • excellent sound quality,
  • music is not compressed or distorted,
  • can be used not only in everyday life, but also by specialists for work,
  • high functional focus,
  • available and easy to download on Youtube,
  • stunning detail of sounds

Cons of WAV

  • takes up a lot of memory,
  • sometimes it can be difficult to convert

How do MP3 and WAV Files Differ Audibly?

Comparison of MP3 and WAV formats occurs constantly and everywhere, both specialists and ordinary people are engaged in this, because everyone is interested in receiving pleasant, high-quality music that will bring pleasure.

Having carried out a huge number of experiments, the following results were obtained in the context of sound: MP3 gives an average sound with the involvement of extraneous noise, some interference, with an increase in bass and hertz, the sound is greatly distorted and it is impossible to feel the full depth of the sound, the bass is heard poorly.

What about the sound of WAV music? The sound is very deep, no noise in the background is felt, there is a feeling of full return and immersion in the world of sounds, the bass is heard even at the lowest frequencies, amazing sound detail without a single distortion, you can compare the sound wave from such music only with a real presence at a concert and listening to live music. Sound quality is undeniably high, and distractions are eliminated.

Thus, it is obvious that the WAV format wins in all respects, it is a modern and very convenient way to play music files, if you are interested in getting high-quality sound content, then this format will be useful not only for your work but also in everyday life.

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