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What is Your SEO Strategy Missing? YouTube

SEO is one of those industries that is constantly changing and transforming into something new and, hopefully, even more valuable.

Google has consistently made updates to its algorithm regarding how it ranks and displays different articles and links on the web. SEO best practices in the early 2000s are scarcely similar to what they are now, and we’ll probably be saying the same thing 20 years later.

Regardless, no one who’s serious about growing their business is foolish enough to ignore SEO. Despite its shifting and elusive nature, if you do it right, it’s able to deliver thousands of visitors to your website.

So the question of the day is this: what is your SEO strategy? Is it working for you? And if it isn’t, how come?

When people think of SEO, things like RankBrain and Google My Business tend to come to mind. Rarely do people think outside the box–and by box, we mean Google itself. One of the missing ingredients to your business’s SEO strategy might just be YouTube.

No, Not YouTube SEO

There is a multitude of articles on the web that talk about optimizing SEO for your YouTube channel. That’s not what we’re talking about here.

Rather, this article is about how to make YouTube as a platform to help drive traffic to your Website.

Like traditional SEO, you’ll need to develop a thorough strategy and make sure you’re pushing out valuable content, which we’ll be going into in this article.

If you implement the lessons you learn here, you’ll have one more thing in your toolbox to give you an edge over your competitors.

Why YouTube can Supercharge Your SEO Strategy

What makes Google valuable as a platform for businesses is the fact that it’s the largest search engine in the world. Every day there are approximately 3.5 billion searches on Google. This means that even if you get .05% of that traffic, that’s still one million searches in your direction.

The thing is, Google isn’t the only platform that hosts such a significant audience. YouTube has over 2 billion monthly active users, and because of Google’s ecosystem, anyone who has an account with Google technically has an account with YouTube.

Whereas websites have primarily been used for publishing written content for audiences to consume, YouTube gives your business the opportunity to bring your brand to video.

Some might assume that making the transition to video is tedious or expensive with all the things you have to learn and the equipment you have to buy, but that’s just not true.

Getting your business it’s own YouTube channel can be as simple as opening up your YouTube app and hitting record on your smartphone. If you have hundreds of articles on your website, you’re sitting on a goldmine of potentially hundreds of videos for your audience to eat up.

The last and perhaps most important reason that YouTube can supercharge your SEO relates to the upcoming UX update from Google. This update means a lot of things, but put simply if your website delivers a great experience for users, it has a higher chance of ranking in SERPs.

People enjoy many things. They like intuitive design, good website colors, and enjoyable videos. We’re visual creatures by nature. While it’s great that you have awesome written content on your website, having video there is even better.

Not to mention the fact that users can passively watch a video but they can’t passively read an article. Adding video to your website makes your content more accessible.

YouTube and Keyword Research

In the same way that Google lets you do basic keyword research by typing in keywords into the search bar, YouTube lets you take a peek at what other people are searching for on the platform.

YouTube’s autosuggest function might not be the most robust tool out there, but it’s something to add to your arsenal. Other alternatives include Google Search Console, Keywords Everywhere, and Ubersuggest from Niel Patel.

If your business needs something with a bit more oomph, try investing in a product like Ahrefs or SEMrush. They’re a little pricey, but you get what you paid for.

Additional Reasons for Including YouTube in Your SEO Strategy

If the above information wasn’t enough to showcase the immediate value of using YouTube for SEO, let these additional benefits remove any further doubts.

Decrease Bounce Rates with YouTube

How would YouTube help decrease bounce rates?

When you add YouTube videos to your site, you can include call-to-actions within the video that take the user to another part of the site.

For example, if you have a video about general SEO best practices and then you have an existing page that talks about keyword research, your video could link viewers to that page.

Increase Dwell Time with YouTube

You can speedread an article, but it’s not so easy to speed watch a video, especially if part of your video’s appeal involves beautiful cinematography that viewers want to sit back and enjoy.

If you have an hour-long video on your site that users can passively watch or listen to, you’ll find that your average dwells time number will go up, and Google will see that as a sign that people are having a good experience.

Get Ahead of Google’s Upcoming UX Update

As mentioned at the start of the article, when it comes to SEO, the times are always changing. However, there is a caveat to this rule.

Google doesn’t just change its ranking factors willy-nilly. If they make an update, it’s for a specific reason. So if you want to understand where all these updates are heading towards, you need only consider Google’s incentives.

Google makes much of its money in advertising. Advertisers flock to the platform because it has a large audience. If Google wants to continue to have a large audience, it has to consistently deliver value.

For Google, it’s bad for users to visit promising links only to leave websites that deliver negative experiences, so Google has consistently made updates that make their users happier than before.

These updates have led to many frustrated SEOs, but hey, keyword stuffing is basically dead, and anyone who reads articles online is happy about that.

The point of this little digression is to emphasize the fact that making your website as great an experience as possible for your visitors is in yours and Google’s best interest, and Google will reward you for it.

When it comes to content consumption, high-quality videos (well-edited, with quality sound recorded in a well soundproofed studio, original/helpful content) are an obvious winner. So to get ahead of the current SEO playing field, start making better YouTube videos and learn to use them effectively in your SEO strategy.

Author: Hey, I’m Dale! I’ve helped hundreds of thousands of people just like you around the world learn how to create a website over at CreateAProWebsite.com. Whether you want to make a beautiful blog, portfolio, or business website, we’ve got you covered with our easy to follow guides and tutorials!

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