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What Programming Language Should I Learn First?

Writing a computer program is probably one of the most important skills to learn currently. Computer programming communities are increasingly emerging because computers are becoming essential in every sector. Therefore, if you plan to learn coding, either for career progression or as a hobby, you should consider starting from the basics.

Among the fundamentals is identifying a specific programming language to learn. While there is no right answer to this, you should choose the first language based on your intent. Below are some excellent programming languages you can take as a beginner.


Enthusiastic front-end developers should start their coding education with HTML and CSS languages. HTML comes in handy for website developers looking to add texts, images, and other additional items, such as headers, footers, links, italicized texts, and line breaks. On the other hand, CSS helps in modifying how these elements appear. From font size, grids, borders, to opacity, a mastery of CSS language enables programmers to customize each element’s appearance.


JavaScript is another programming language also used in front-end development. Mastering the language enables programmers to design interactive websites with functional elements. The language is increasingly becoming popular, with most websites, such as Spotify, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, relying on it.

Besides enhancing the functionality of websites, JavaScript is also used in designing browser-based games. If you ever unsuccessfully tried to play browser-based games from your school computer, it is probably because the admin blocked JavaScript in a bid to prevent you from running these games. Fortunately, plenty of frameworks and libraries make it easier to learn and design programs with JavaScript. You don’t also need to install the language, as everything is already in-built to your browsers.


If you are looking for a fun-filled programming language, to begin with, Python is a recommended option. Unlike other languages with strict syntax rules, Python uses simple English, making it easy for novice programmers. Learning Python will equip you with the basic coding knowledge without necessarily being obsessed with small details required in other coding languages.

Python is a good choice for coding enthusiasts anticipating to work on web development, software developers, and creators of graphic user interfaces. Despite the benefits of being easy to learn, Python is a relatively slow language that needs a lot of testing. It is also not practical for building mobile applications. Common websites that use Python include YouTube, Spotify, and Instagram.


Java is an advanced, feature-detailed, and object focused programming language with high demand currently. Unlike other languages, Java runs on the “Write Once – Run Everywhere” premise. This means it can be built on any device and used across various platforms. This feature makes Java among the top desired programming languages and a good choice for coding enthusiasts looking for a language that will land them a career.

That aside, Java is used in the development of Android and iOS applications, making it a good choice for those who want to build mobile applications. Despite being a high-level language, learning Java is beginner-friendly. However, the slow-startup delays learners from deploying their first projects. Top employer brands that consider Java include Amazon, IBM, and eBay.


Despite being among the most difficult languages beginner programmers can learn, C# i8s a good first language of choice as nearly all programming languages run on it. Once you have mastered C#, you can quickly learn other languages, such as C++. This machine-level language significantly educates you on how computers function. Programming experts actually compare it to medics learning basic anatomy.

C# is a good choice for those interested in game development, especially those who want to build game consoles and desktop games. It is an exceptional pathway to becoming a master coder from the word go.


Ruby has many similarities with Python and one of the easiest languages for non-programmers to read. Learning this language doesn’t require immense knowledge of various programming vocabulary and syntax. It also comes with a plethora of libraries and tools that ease learning.

It is a back-end programming language with an incredible full-stack development framework, referred to as Ruby on Rails. Despite being a simple language with gentle syntax, Ruby is intolerant to errors. As such, if debugging is not your favorite, Ruby might be the most difficult language to start with. That aside, it is increasingly becoming a popular language for startups with Airbnb, Soundcloud, Hulu, and Groupon websites using it.

Which Programming Language Suits Beginners?

Without a doubt, there is no specific best programming language for beginners. As such, the affinity of picking a beginner language should depend on various factors. For instance, those looking to master mobile app development should consider Java. Front-end developers can opt for JavaScript, while C# is the best foundation for master developers. Once you have identified a suitable language, consider enrolling in a coding Bootcamp for better training. Attending coding Bootcamps assures not only vast job opportunities but also six-figure salaries.

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