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What to Give a Guy Who Loves PC Gaming

All women can relate that it’s difficult to think of a present for a man. They’re not very vocal about the things they like unless it’s about sports or gaming. But even then, if you have no clue about sports or gaming, gift-shopping for them will still be a struggle.

It’s particularly difficult if video or PC gaming is their main interest. Gaming products are a bit hard to understand if you’re clueless about them. From sophisticated gaming computer setups to gaming SSDs, every term may sound gibberish for someone who isn’t the techie type. But luckily, this article has got you covered.

Whatever the occasion, your gamer man, brother, friend, or spouse, will surely appreciate these gaming products. Worry not, because you won’t encounter any product name or type that sounds balderdash!

Gaming Router or Mesh WiFi Router

Nothing angers a passionate gamer more than their PC suddenly lagging in the middle of an intense battle. But sometimes, a faulty internet connection or hardware does that. If it’s their internet speed that often acts up, buy them a gaming router or a mesh WiFi router. A gaming router automatically adjusts the traffic prioritization with a dynamic optimization feature. Basically, it lets their internet connection prioritize their game.

A mesh WiFi router, on the other hand, is a device you connect to a cable modem. For gaming, consider buying them in three’s, so that you can install the other two anywhere in the house. It results in a stronger WiFi signal throughout an entire space. You gamer man will dig it, especially if their gaming area is far from the main router.

Gaming Headset

If he doesn’t have this yet, be the one to buy it for him. A gaming headset is different from your usual headphones. It carries sound in crisp detail, making every gaming experience feel more immersive and a bit real. They’re wireless too, but can be connected to their PC via a cable. It also comes with a microphone that blocks out background noise, so a gamer can speak with their teammates without annoying buzzes under their voices.

Backlit Keyboard

Backlit keyboards are a staple in gaming PCs. Their blue and red lighting effects intensify every game and take it to a pro-level. And since they’re essentially gaming keyboards, they’re portable, so your man can take it anywhere they want to play.

To make every gaming session more comfortable for them, choose an ergonomic type, which features a cushioned wrist rest. If you can find one with mid-height keys and a mechanical membrane that makes each key softer to press as well, go for that one. The wrist rest is detachable, so your man can take it off if it interferes with their performance.

Lumbar Support Cushions

Even with an ergonomic gaming chair, your man can still experience back pain after long hours of gaming. Reduce the ache on their backs next time by giving them a lumbar support cushion. It’s a pad they can also use in the car, plane, or office. Ensure that it hugs the small of their back and that the widest part is snug between their lowest rib and waist.

Desk Fan

We’re now straying a bit far from gaming, but a gamer also needs simple everyday items for the sake of their comfort. If their hands get sweaty after a heated battle, get them a desk fan or one with fabric blades. The soft blades may even calm their mind when they play with it with their fingers.


Customizable Smart Lighting

If the backlit keyboard doesn’t provide enough effect, get them customizable smart lighting too. It’s a 10-inch tall light that they can install at the back of their monitor or under their desk, illuminating their gaming room in a neon glow. It’s basically accent lighting, but mainly for gaming.


While it doesn’t please you when they take a nap on their gaming chair, they just can’t help but do it sometimes. To make their naps neck-strain-free, give them a J-pillow, a neck pillow that only cushions one side. It will hug their head, neck, and chin snugly so that they wake up feeling refreshed instead of stiff.

Streaming Devices

If your man has been wishing to stream their gaming, be their genie and give them the basics to start: a 1080-p webcam and a USB gaming microphone. These devices provide the best quality video and audio as if your man records from a studio. With such equipment, your man can go pro.

With this excellent list in your hands, your gift shopping will become a breeze. You don’t really need to overthink what a gamer wants; just observe their habits and routines, and you’ll figure out what will make those things easier for them (combined with a bit of research, of course.).

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