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When It Gets Stale: Be on the Lookout for These 4 Signs You’re on the Edge of a Burnout and need a Career Change

You might have started your current career with enthusiasm, or possibly you got into it because it was convenient to do so. Maybe it suited you for a time, but now you find it tedious. There are ways to tell that it’s time to move on, though, and here are four of those to which you should pay attention.

You Dread Monday Mornings

For those who have a typical Monday-Friday work week, Mondays are usually no picnic. If you have feelings of revulsion or despair on Sunday night, though, with the prospect of another work week coming at you, that’s more than just the usual lingering sadness that the weekend is concluding. If you feel like your spirit is being crushed every time you stare down the barrel at another forty dismal hours, then it’s time to stop by https://www.livecareer.com/resume-builder for a change.

You’re Irritable with Your Family and Friends

If you find that you’re always grumpy and snapping at your significant other, your children, or other family members, it’s a sure sign that the job is getting to you. That’s also the case if you don’t want to hang out with your friends anymore because it seems like they love their jobs and all you want to do is complain about yours. If your job is wrecking your relationships with the people you care about, you need to look at other career options.

It’s Having A Harmful Effect on You Physically

There are some jobs where you have to stand all day that are bad on your back, knees, neck, or shoulders. Sitting in a cubicle for several hours at a time can be equally harmful. But sometimes you develop physical symptoms even when it’s not immediately evident that the conditions of the job are to blame. Nervous tics, unexplained rashes or muscular pains, or general feelings of malaise can all come from work anxiety. Insomnia or other symptoms can also be traced back to the desire for a career change.

You Have No Hope for the Future

It’s true that not all of us can have our dream jobs, but we should not feel dread when we think about our work situations either. If the thought of continuing in your present position with your current company makes you have bleak thoughts and you feel sure that things are never going to get better, it’s time to start considering other things that you might do with yourself. Being miserable is going to do you no good, nor will it be a favor to anyone else in your life who has to deal with you.

We all wish that we were independently wealthy, but failing that, we all need to work in some way to put food on the table. That doesn’t mean that you need to work a job that you can’t stand, though. Even if you feel that you have few prospects, don’t settle. Keep applying for other jobs until something else comes along. We must support ourselves and our families, but life is too short to crush your spirit doing something you fervently wish you didn’t have to do.

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