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Where Can I Get Discounts on Expensive Software?

The age of computers and technology has irreversibly bound us to the internet and software. There is software involved in almost everything we do, from morning exercises to reminders for the day. Even for complex processes like banking, and investment, we’re heavily dependent on software today.

From business enterprises to small scale start-ups, everyone is dependent on software for seamless functioning of work, business, and software development.

Even though software makes our life easy, they come at a cost. More features can mean a higher cost that most people can’t afford. The good news is that some software programs waive a significant amount of their price through software deals that are available on trusted websites like Dealarious.

About Dealarious

Owned by Blogsolute Media, Dealarious is a Software discount store. Dealarious brings the best discounts for PC & Mac Software, Coupon Codes and Exclusive Offers on Bitdefender, Ccleaner, Movavi, iObit, etc. They have a blog section that provides the best software reviews, tips, and tricks.

Countless attractive deals enable you to buy applications and software at a cheaper, standard price. Some even offer lifetime deals, saving you a lot of money.

Too good to be true? Let’s find out!

Find a Student Copy

You can get a student copy even if you’re NOT a student! This is a trick that’s been talked about often. If you’re a student, you can easily get awesome discounts from your university or college’s computer store, both on software and hardware.

Moreover, if you’re ordering online, all you need is a .EDU email address to sign up for student’s discounts. This means that you can probably avail the student’s discount benefits forever with a bit of tweaking. Many universities let you keep your email even after your graduation, others offer a forwarding service that keeps it valid. You can use this to sign up on Microsoft and get amazing deals.

You can also use this to get a whole host of discounts from doing research online or trusted online stores that extend the offer of a student discount. Dealarious for example, has a student’s discount offer available as coupon codes and vouchers are put up on their sites regularly. Sometimes, even after an 80% discount, software can be expensive. However, they are worth the money with discount, compared to the huge amount you would pay on other sites.

Get OEM Software at a Reasonable Rate

Software that comes pre-installed on a computer designed by the manufacturer is known as OEM software or Original Equipment Manufacturer software. However, one can buy OEM copies of the software from various trusted online sites like Dealarious or local computer stores. They often cost much less than the versions you’d get from the direct source or retail.

Always find a 100% trustworthy site with exciting offers. Even if you don’t get the OEM versions, you can find good deals on software like parallels, Acronis true image, and tons of antivirus software. 

Software bundles are a good way to get a bunch of programs and apps at a very low price. Keeping an eye out for bundles that might contain the programs you like is an effective strategy. For instance, the Intego Mac Premium Bundle X9 is available at almost a 58% discount on Dealarious, which is a much better bargain than other sites While purchasing bundles, make sure you check the price and content to ensure that it is worth your money.

Following Developers on Social Media Sites

Follow developers on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Many large scale companies host sales or often post coupons and codes on their social media handle. Hence, following them is a great way to stay up-to-date with discounts and deals. You will find the best offers on their Facebook page.

Comparison Shopping

Being aware is one of the most effective ways to discover a great deal. When you’re searching around online, you’ll find that not all sites have authentic products to offer. Some are a scam and are posted illegally on the platform. You can use deal monitoring browser extensions and continue browsing sites like Dealarious, with an organized wish-list for coupons and offers.

Comparing sites for price, offers, and quality products before making a decision is important. It is also important that you check the site’s legal policies.

Always check websites for special offers and policies. Check for good customer support and sites that are always ready for their consumers along with strong privacy policies.

Important Things to Note

Trustworthy and credible websites are essential to go through when purchasing software. Beware of sites selling pirated software or illegitimate copies. Always check reviews and ratings, among other websites.

Based on genuine customer reviews on Shopper Approved, the Dealarious store scores a 4.8 Overall Satisfaction Rating, based on 5,340 Ratings.

To verify software digital signature of a signed application, you can perform the following on any Windows system.

From a Windows operating system:

  1. Right click the file the main executable file (.exe),
  2. Select Properties > Digital Signatures.
  3. Under Signature list, select the Signature, and click Details.
  4. You will see information regarding the Code Signing certificate that was used to sign the executable.
  5. Under Countersignatures within the General tab, it will list an entry for a timestamping. If this field is blank, no timestamp exists on this code.

For more information, refer to Microsoft knowledge base at:


There are various sites and platforms for you. However, it would help if you learned the pros and cons of purchasing from these sites to make a wise decision.

Software discount stores like Dealarious offers fast-paced service, trustworthiness, good reviews, and an easy to follow guide, all at great prices. They offer great deals every month so you can get the best deals on programs. The site is legitimate and has coverage for all its products during the entire time of its validity.

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