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Why Are Followers And Likes Important On TikTok?

If you’re serious about being a social media influencer, two of the most important metrics you can track are your follower and like counts. These stats will inform you as to who’s consuming your content and who’s enjoying it; without knowing how many followers and likes you have, you simply won’t be as effective as an influencer.

There are many ways to track your followers for TikTok success, including a built-in tracker within the app itself, so you’ve got no excuse for not knowing how your content is performing. But why should you care?

Here are some of the reasons followers and likes are important on TikTok, no matter what some people might say.

You can track your success

First and foremost, you need to know how many followers and likes you’re getting because it will enable you to tailor your social media approach. If you post content and it doesn’t get any likes, then you know that kind of content isn’t going to be as successful in the future. Similarly, if you’re not seeing an upward trend in the amount of followers you’re getting, then you know you need to change your approach in order to see results. Followers and likes aren’t the only indications of whether the content is performing well, but they certainly correspond to successful content.

Brands will want to approach you

As an influencer, one of the primary sources of income for you is going to be collaboration with brands. Partnering up with brands to promote their product or service is the bread and butter of every influencer, but it’s hard to do so if brands don’t know who you are and can’t see whether you are successful on TikTok. One of the ways they’ll research this is to look at how many followers you have and how many likes your content is getting. That’s why it’s important to build these stats.

It feels good to be appreciated

More followers and likes just feel good – they hit the serotonin center in your brain, making you feel successful and appreciated. When you get a like on the content you’ve tried really hard to make, it feels like someone is acknowledging all your effort. Similarly, when you get a follower, there’s a sense of “this person wants to see all the things I do in the future”, which feels good from an artistic standpoint. If you don’t know how good it feels to get likes and followers, you’re missing out!

Followers and likes help make better content

All content creators on TikTok should want to further their craft. That’s the ultimate goal: to get better at making content so that more people will engage with what you’re doing. To that end, more followers and likes help you to make better content. First, you’ll be able to see what’s performing and make more content like that. Second, the pressure of having a high follower count will likely lead you to make better content so that you can retain the numbers you’re seeing.

TikTok followers and likes can lead to success elsewhere

If you’re an influencer who gets their start on TikTok, then you can use the following you build in order to establish a presence on other platforms. It’s important to do this because diversifying your approach means you’ll catch more potential followers on other platforms. You can then use your Instagram, Twitter, or YouTube accounts to funnel followers back to your TikTok account. This cyclical approach is how many people manage to build such impressive social media followings.

Followers could lead to TikTok collabs

When you have a large number of TikTok followers, you may be approached by other TikTok users for collaboration. This is less likely to happen if you don’t have many followers or if your content doesn’t get many likes. Collaboration is a great way to build a presence on TikTok, so generally, you want to agree to collaborations (provided the other creator matches your values and style, of course). Followers and likes will help you to build a profile so that you’re more visible to other TikTok influencers.

You could start a trend

If you’ve got more followers and more likes on your content, then it stands to reason that lots of people are probably watching your videos. This means you stand a much better chance of potentially starting off a TikTok trend, which could lead to incredible success and prestige on the platform for you. It’ll be much harder to get a trend started if you don’t have the backing to get people to share your new hashtag, though, so having followers and likes will be a huge help in this area.

Likes beget likes

It’s a slightly frustrating concept, but TikTok likes beget further TikTok likes. Let’s break that down. If a video already has lots of likes, it could be more likely that other users will view it and like it. In fact, TikTok itself has admitted that a video is likely to receive more views “if posted by an account that has more followers” in the For You feed. Although it’s true that follower counts aren’t directly factored into the recommendation system, they’ll certainly help your video be seen by more people, so if you want your TikTok video to be successful, it definitely benefits you to have plenty of followers under your belt.

These are some of the reasons we think TikTok likes and followers are important. If you’re not building up the numbers you would like, remember that these metrics aren’t the be-all and end-all; they’re very important numbers, but other factors such as engagement are also crucial. In the end, what matters is that you are having fun on TikTok and that you’re making the content you want to make!

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