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Why is Your Website Struggling to Get Traffic in 2023, 2024 and beyond?

If you are getting traffic on your website, getting business would be easy as the website would always have a good customer count.

The problem starts when you stop getting traffic and this problem increases when you are not aware of it. A lot of websites do not use an analytics tool to keep a constant check on the rate of traffic. The traffic on your website may not drop in a sudden manner.

It always takes time. Through Google Analytics, you can get a clear feel of the traffic on your website. You can also find out about pages where the traffic is disappearing. For instance, if you see that visitors are visiting the landing page but disappearing before they reach the end of the website.

Through an analytics tool, you can check the rate of traffic and the areas where the rate is going down. Backlinks for a website is an important factor. Must use a Backlinks Maker tool to increase overall backlinks for your site.

Some common reasons for reduction of traffic rate are as follows.

Attractive headlines are lacking

What do readers read in the start when they view a post? They first go through the headline of the post. If they feel that the headline is good enough, they put in the time and read the remaining part of the post. The headline of your website is a strong factor that decides whether people would click the link or not. If the title is not attractive, people actually do not go down to the depth and read the content. Hence, make sure that the title of the post is attractive and catchy. It should be noticed by the reader and he should find it interesting as well.

Content developers should be aware of the right tips for creating headlines. The basic tip is that headlines should be short. Long headlines cause immense boredom for the reader. If the headline is catchy, most readers would click the link to see what you have to offer in terms of detail. Being catchy is not the same is being promotional. The headline should not use words like “best in the world” or “unbelievably good”. These words make the user believe that the brand is not realistic and simply attempts at fooling the customer.

Content is not well researched

Do not underestimate the knowledge of targeted readers in every way? People do have sufficient information in advance before they browse a website for the first time. Thus, do check the information being published on your website.

Credibility of a website is very important. Once a website loses its credibility, it becomes hard to win it back again. Content with errors is a common way through which a website loses its worth. Websites that have inexperienced content development teams do face this issue as redundant / erroneous content is published. When a website is not counted as a credible option, people stop browsing for it and this eventually brings down the rate of traffic.

Poorly Designed Website

The best way to get an estimate of the customer response is by placing yourself in his place. How would you react to a website that has a poorly designed layout? What would be your reaction to a website when you have to search for options? By placing yourself in place of the customer, you can determine how he would react to a feature.

Simply having an informative website does not pay off particularly if the user has to search for content. Hence, focusing on the layout of the website is very important. The layout covers a number of areas including the arrangement of features. For example, consider that you have a services page and each offered service has been placed in a haphazard manner. Even though all the content would be available on the website but the user would have to search for the information which he requires. This is what website owners should avoid. Each feature on every page should be provided in an easy manner. Users do not prefer searching for things. The moment they feel that information has not been presented in an easy to intercept manner, he would switch on to another website.

Having a professional designing team is essential. Expert designers know how the layout of the website has to be created according to user preferences. A well designed website gets traffic without the slightest of problems because users are comfortable with it. Professional websites have an interface with greater understanding. If you are looking for a particular link, tab or page, you would not have to go through any struggle to find it.

Unrelated information that irritates the user

The worst thing for any website is providing content which does not match user requirements. Let us go through an example to gain more understanding. Consider that you are searching for web designing services and you come across a website which apparently seems suitable. Once you click the link, you figure out that the content is about textile designing and not web designing. The website has been ranked in the related list due to usage of keywords. In other words, the content is not related to services offered actually by the brand. What would you think about such a brand? What would be your opinion?

To start with, you would not visit the website again due to credibility problems. Not providing content according to the required topic is obviously a negative activity. It also gives the impression that the website is not operating in a legitimate manner. Make sure that users do not get this impression for your website. It takes a long duration for a website to be listed in the “successful” category as you need to build a certain level of recognition. People do not trust a website in a blind manner. They only start browsing a website and counting it as a dependable option if it is reputed. Thus, from a quality website, it is obviously expected that the content would be related to the product / services type and based on extensive research as well.

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