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Why Love Experiential Marketing?

How can one define a useful marketing tool? It turns out; you can describe an excellent marketing tool as anything that works. That makes experiential marketing a robust tool for all marketing experts. It has the power to deliver a live brand experience to all kinds of audiences that can foster tangibility and a real relationship. Interestingly, it does boost revenue either directly or indirectly.

Most importantly the line between sales and marketing is blurry. It is necessary to do so since live product activations often involve promotional offers, sampling, and sales. That helps brands collect data from the live audience. Event-based marketing is more likely to urge the participants to buy the products as well.

What are the top five reasons people love experiential marketing?

As you can understand by now, event-based marketing is a lot more useful than traditional marketing techniques. There are multiple reasons for the same. Here are the leading reasons most brands prefer live marketing:

Genuine interactions with target users

Today, people love buying things online. Most brand interactions also occur online. People crave actual interactions more than coupons and free products. Experiential marketing offers two-way communications for each customer. It allows the participants to get to know the brands. Each brand has a personality, and that is precisely what an excellent event-based marketing campaign counts on. A brand that goes out into the comfort zone of the customer to interact with them is already ahead of the contemporary brands, which are afraid of establishing a real relationship with them beyond Instagram or Snapchat.

Gives the control back to the consumer

Event marketing including truck tours, product sampling activities and game shows meet the participants in their sphere of comfort. That can be on their way to work or back home, at their workplace, inside malls or in parks. Irrespective of where it takes place, it puts the control back in the hands of the consumer. The consumer chooses the degree of engagement and commitment. The events turn out to be entertaining, fun and, sometimes, educational because the customer controls the drift of the events. That is what makes your event more meaningful and rewarding.

Scalable to every budget and every location

Most campaigns that the top experiential marketing companies organize today are highly scalable. If the success of a small tour or event impresses you, you can look for a larger space with a similar audience. On the other hand, if a large activation seems prohibitive due to financial constraints, you can always scale it down to a smaller area with fewer participants. The gist of any event-based marketing strategy is offering the audience a high-quality experience that they will like talking about on social media. The mention of the campaign and the brand will elevate the brand image. Therefore, as long as you can manage to reach out to the audience with a rewarding experience, the size of the event will not matter.

Generates shareable content for social media

It is one of the biggest pros of engagement marketing. Live events generate thousands of live videos, images, and gifs from the participants. That results in significant shareable content for all social media platforms. Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat can quickly become your oyster once you have such amounts of branded content. About 98% of the customers at these events contribute to branded content creation for a myriad of platforms. That, in turn, creates an army of brand ambassadors making the content “sticky” for weeks to come.

Fuels branded content on digital media

Engagement marketing always generates plenty of actionable content for the company’s social media profiles. When you need a bridge for your brand’s brick-and-mortar advertising efforts and social media marketing efforts, experiential marketing can become that. It amplifies the reach of the content and extrapolates the profits. The photos and videos are the most valuable content from these events that contribute to the visibility of the respective brands on social media. Moreover, it can provide branded content for your in-store LED screens and OOH advertising. You can think of such events as a long-term investment instead of considering them an added expense.

Experiential marketing needs to be in the marketing mix of every leading company and brand. It is a serious consideration you need to undertake shortly. Without experiential marketing, it is impossible to reach the potential customers at a personal level and create a long-lasting impression. There is no reason you should not take the risk. It always boosts sales, and it helps in creating a social media presence that attracts more followers.

Now that you know the top reasons people love experiential marketing, you should be able to emphasize these points to create a foolproof event-based marketing campaign that reaches the right audience at the right time.

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