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Why Should your Business Move to Managed IT Services?

Recent reports by experts confirm that the global market for Managed IT Services will cross USD 282 billion by the year 2023. Experts have also revealed that America has the largest market size for Managed Services today and will continue to stay at the top of the charts in the upcoming years.

Even small and medium-scale businesses hire the Best Managed Service Provider in the industry to get the benefits of high-quality Managed IT Services. IT Support Solutions empower small and medium-scale businesses with a robust IT network. There are numerous types of Managed IT Services that MSPs offer.

Some of these are IT Integration, IT Procurement, IT Project Management, Security and Backup Solutions, IT Monitoring and Maintenance, Help Desk Services. Most of the experienced service providers offer all of these services.

Technical challenges faced by businesses without Managed IT Services

Technical challenges are a common occurrence in the daily operations of businesses when they do not use Managed Services.

Rising costs

The rapidly increasing costs of technology and unplanned expenses on IT Support have posed a great challenge for businesses. Integrating all the necessary resources for a complete and efficient IT network in a limited budget has gotten harder than before. This ultimately leads them to stay satisfied with insufficient or second-hand devices and outdated technology.

Security of data & network

Businesses these days find it challenging to stay up-to-date with the latest technologies designed for security purposes. Removing malware or viruses is becoming a routine for many businesses. This mostly happens due to ineffective or lack of security measures used.

Inability to manage IT operations

In situations where the workload is extra, operations are dependent on technology, or well-trained employees for technical purposes are limited; the operations become more hassled. The increasingly sophisticated technology environment adds to the technical challenges of businesses.

Slow and inefficient IT Support systems

Break and fix methods may work for some time, but the systems gradually slow down when their technical issues are not resolved permanently. Downtimes become more frequent. This happens when businesses often have insufficient resources to tackle these problems by themselves or hire someone to do it. Only following the proactive approach like that of Managed Services can help you face this problem.

Lack of experienced IT professionals

Hiring, training, and, most importantly, retaining experienced IT professionals for a long term is not easy for many businesses, especially small scale businesses. Certified and experienced people have high demands which are not met by small businesses due to their slow or stable growth and limited funds. But their help is essential for businesses to strategically plan and resolve problems.

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How can Managed IT Services help businesses resolve these challenges?

Managed Service Providers help businesses in facing all the technical issues.

  • Reduce Costs: Their well-planned structure and services help reduce the cost of IT infrastructure. They save businesses from spending on expensive downtimes, and data recovery due to security breaches. They provide or make software, hardware, and other network devices available at nominal prices.
  • Customized Solutions: They design tailored and simplified networks that work efficiently, smoothly, and have the scalability to be easily upgraded.
  • 24/7 Access: They enable you to manage and access your data from anywhere in the world and remotely manage the complete network.
  • Data Security: They optimize your security networks with better security measures and monitor your systems and data exchange 24/7 for any risks or threats.

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The Process followed by MSPs

Managed Service Providers follow certain stages of providing IT support services

  1. Analyze: Firstly, they assess the technical requirements of businesses.
  2. Plan: They prepare a plan for the complete IT network.
  3. Design: They design specialized solutions, keeping in mind the requirements of businesses.
  4. Execution: They finally execute their designs and plans in the installation of network structure.
  5. Monitor: MSPs help you by regularly checking for any problems.
  6. Maintenance: They maintain the network by eliminating any threats and resolving glitches.
  7. Upgradation: MSPs assist businesses in upgrading to new technologies.

The difference in Managed IT Services and other outsourced Management Services

Businesses outsource many functions like finance, marketing, human resources, customer support, administrative, etc. Outsourcing all these functions is different from delegating IT Services to an MSP.


Managed Service Providers

  • work side-by-side with your business,
  • help in improving the productivity and processes,
  • ensure end-to-end security of your business information and processes,
  • keep you well informed about the status of the Managed IT Support Services you have outsourced.

While outsourcing other services do not offer you enough flexibility and control over your operations.

Why are Managed IT Services important in the year 2020?

The need to stay in sync with the rapid changes in market practices and technology is one of the biggest reasons why it is important for businesses to shift to Managed Services in the year 2020. Managed IT Support Services helps businesses in their growth and expansion.

With so much changing around, the IT laws and regulations in all industries are also becoming more rigid. Dedicated Managed Service Providers have in-depth knowledge about these laws and always keep them at the top priority.

MSPs help businesses fight against the technical risks and keep sensitive company information and transactions secure, simplify everyday operations with advance technology integration, and makes the network capable of communicating with customers at all times.

These benefits of Managed IT Services are some added reasons for its importance in 2020.

It doesn’t matter whether you are starting a new business or already running one. Businesses can integrate technology at any level or stage. Small and medium-sized businesses who are planning to expand their business, focus more on the core functions of their businesses, make their operations run digitally, long term progress, and get professional guidance should not wait to seek help from a Managed Service Provider, who provides the best Managed IT Services in the market. Delegating the more repetitive processes, monitoring and maintenance responsibilities will give some peace to your mind. Although it is up to you to decide what type of Managed IT Support Services you want to outsource for your enterprise.

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