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Why Use React Native App Development for your Mobile App Development?

React Native is a framework that helps you to build native mobile apps using JavaScript. React Native removes the requirement of preparing your mobile app using Java. React Native enables fully functional apps on both platforms, iOS, and Android, in much less time using one coding language. Facebook developed ReactJS and React Native.

It was Facebook that first created React Native to build the social platform. Later, Facebook released ReactJS for the web as open source. But they struggled with two codebases, in iOS and Android. So, React Native solved this problem. Reactive Native and react js development is gaining popularity because of its ease to establish cross-platform mobile apps.

Why Choose React Native for App Development?

According to there are 2.56 million apps that use React Native. Let’s see why to consider using React Native Mobile app development.

Supports Cross-Platform app development

It is a huge headache to maintain both android and iOS apps together. This is because they use different languages and different frameworks. React Native enables a single platform that provides a consistent user experience across multiple platforms.

Develop apps faster

React Native mobile app development has been more than half a decade now. It has tons of ready for use components. You don’t have to spend a lot of time to build everything from scratch. Also, the chances of finding a bug are less due to a single code. You can approach React Native development agency to launch the first version of your app with minimum functionality. Once you feel the requirement for additional features, you can build them rather than wasting time on detailed interfaces. The React Native Mobile app development is 30 % faster.

Update apps without going to apps stores

Usually, when you miss out a typo or feature of an app, you have to go to the app store or the play store to update it. The Code Push feature used by React Native automatically updates apps during runtime, and the users do not have to relaunch the app.

Work with a type of budget.

As we have read, React Native mobile app development saves a lot of time. Another advantage of using React Native is a reduced budget. You can save money by approaching React Native development agency instead of hiring separate iOS and android developers.

Reduce development complexity

React native makes complex tasks simple. It uses easy to read code. An important feature of React Native is Hot Reload. This feature gives a live preview of the code and its actual impact. This makes sure that the developers do the code bug-free. It also allows customization and correction during the upload.

Looks like a Native app

React Native apps have native UI components. It allows the application to use elements native to the mobile design. The building blocks of React Native is from the native user interface. Therefore the apps look and work like native apps providing the user with an enhanced experience.

The same programming language makes things straight forward.

During React Native mobile app development, the primary code base uses the same foundation level programming language for iOS and Android. In other words, it is almost the same as building the same app and deploying it on the play store and app store.

Lots of readymade solutions and libraries

The React Native mobile app development activities are easy because of the plenty of readymade solutions and libraries. There are libraries like Jest, Chai, Mocha, Enzyme that help in writing bug-free code. ESint tool helps in checking potential errors in your code. The tools like Flow and PropType do type checking faster. Redux, a popular React Native library, accomplishes state management.

Individual users get personalized UX.

React Native has the ability to segregate Framework Code, Native Code, and JavaScript Code, and Styling. Therefore creating different styles for the app is easy. Developers can build a personalized user interface on the same application, and the level of personalization is so high.

Third-party plugins

React Native has a lot of reusable libraries. Building an app from scratch becomes easy by reusing some of the existing components. The React Native connects plugins with a negative module, eliminating the need to use specific Web View functions. You can search for the required plugin in your favourite React Native library to enhance the app performance.

Easier Debugging

Detection of bugs becomes easier when you have a single database for android and iOS. You only have to give a single update for both platforms as React code is reusable. Usually, the debugging process takes up lots of time and is very tiring. But with React Native, you don’t have to spend hours debugging two different code bases.

Developer, availability

Many React Native Development agencies provide the best services. A great reason to use React Native is that it has a very robust online community.

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