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Why You Should Use Email Validation Services

In the past, companies would run extensive background checks to validate a customer’s personal details, such as their telephone number and home address.

But with the increased dependence of businesses in e-commerce, email verification has become an essential aspect of customer data management.

Accurate customer data is essential to any marketing campaign, as you want your messages to reach your intended audience. This is particularly true with contact details including email address. Sending messages to an inactive email address is like talking to a wall. You only end up getting bounced email reports without any chance at conversion.

Fortunately, there are email validation services that can help companies guarantee that their messages are delivered to their target readers. But aside from this foremost benefit, Email Validation API services have a number of other advantages.

Here are other ways email validation services could help your company:

Lower bounce rate

As mentioned above, investing in email verification services can help cut down bounce rate. Basically, if you have a bounce rate above 3%, you should consider cleaning up your email list. Bounced mail reports are commonly caused by sending messages to inactive or undeliverable email addresses.

Lower marketing costs

For sure, you don’t want to send your marketing pitches to fictitious email addresses. Email verification removes these non-existent email addresses thereby helping lower down your costs associated with your email marketing efforts.

Improve sender reputation

Email validation helps protect sender reputation, which is determined by the number of spam complaints, bounces, subscriber level engagement and spam traps. Frequently running email list maintenance can help improve sender reputation and deliverability of electronic messages. You can check your sender reputation by using sites like SenderScore.org.

Campaign stats accuracy

Every undelivered email is a wasted opportunity for your business. It will never be opened, read, or converted to sales. Cleaning up your email list can provide you with more accurate campaign statistics, thereby helping you make better decisions.

More effective targeted campaign

You only waste valuable time and resources from sending emails to bad leads. By using email verification services, you can have a more effective targeted marketing. After removing inactive email addresses, you can then classify verified emails based on their level of engagement and send appropriate messaging to each group.

Avoid deliverability issues

Regularly cleaning up your email list is easier than being blocked from sending emails. Email assurance, real-time email validation, and frequent email list cleaning are vital in preventing deliverability problems. You can also check this helpful post on how to avoid unwanted deliverability issues.

Better ROI for email campaigns

Apart from saving on marketing costs, using email validation services also improves your overall ROI by removing unnecessary costs in undeliverable emails, boosting your sender reputation, cutting down bounces, and better decision making through the use of more accurate statistics.

Better conversion rates

Email validation enables you to remove bad email addresses that will never convert. As a result of a more targeted marketing campaign, you can expect to see better conversion rates. Furthermore, this service ensures that your messages are sent to an engaged audience thereby increasing the chances of getting good leads.

Helpful data insights

Email validation services can help you draw up better data and actionable insights about your target audience. By clearing up inactive address from your email list, you can have a better perspective about your audience engagement and response to your campaigns.

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