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Will Robots Replace Bartenders Too?

Within a few years, the apps and robots have transformed our way of life, and the rhythms with which new technologies will impact our world are going to be more and more extreme.

Maybe you are too young for certain memories, but when I was born I can remember, I had no smartphone, nor the first prehistoric cell phones or computers.

The Internet had not yet been invented and to send a message to someone you had to take a pen and paper, stick a stamp on the letter, insert it into the little hole in the mailbox and then cross your fingers.

Everything was slower, more intimate, perhaps more human.

What are Robots taking over?

But things have changed drastically within a few years, now you can order anything on Amazon directly to your home.

Delivery Services

Drones are now programmed to bring you everything you’ve ordered from your smartphone in just 30 minutes.

“Crazy? No, it’s the future that turns into the present.

Within a few years, the apps and robots have transformed our way of life, and the rhythms with which new technologies will impact our world are going to be more and more extreme.

In the world of work, with the passage of time, man will gradually be replaced by machines.


Bellboys are destined to become extinct to give way to drones, but there are many jobs destined to disappear.


Tesla, a driverless car is a perfect example of Robotic revolution

Tesla: Your Futuristic Robotic Car

This means that the whole category of taxi drivers has already been marked.


You know Uber, right?

Open the app; ask for a taxi and it will pick you up wherever you want.

Probably in a few years, Uber will work the same way, with the small difference that the car that will take you for a walk will not have the driver, At least not a human driver.

Ah! I almost forgot! You can choose whether to opt for land transport or … Via Sky!

Warehouse Workers

Amazon has made huge warehouses “without warehousemen”, where the goods are sorted directly from the bots.

All industries in general are cutting workforce thanks to the Robots that allow it to automate production processes, saving both time and huge amounts of money, and as the level of robotization goes up, the human unemployed will increase.

The question arises: which crafts will be saved, assuming that human work does not disappear entirely from the face of the Earth?

The most obvious answer is FEW, but in particular the most risky human jobs are those that require less creativity and, therefore, more easily programmable.

Within a few decades the robots will be a constant of every moment of our life. They will wake up in the morning, they will prepare breakfast, they will rearrange the house, they will watch over our absence, they will assist the older ones, they will accompany our children to school, and they will help them with their homework, they will take the dog to pee, they will take care of us when we get sick.


Last summer I made a stopover at Newark airport, and I was attracted to a “bartender-free” place.

There were long tables with lots of chairs arranged in an orderly manner and, about every meter, on the table top there was a touch screen that allowed you to browse the menu, make an order and pay directly with the credit card.

A “bartender-free” place at Newark Airport

On the same screen there was the possibility of playing games to pass the time and you could connect to Facebook or check your mail.

 “On the other hand, the bartender is one of those jobs in which it is not enough to pour a drink into a glass to be replaced by a machine.”

The barman is primarily an entertainer.

What are Robotic Bartenders?

Robotic bartenders are advanced robotic solutions which perform various functions such as muddling, shaking, and straining of drinks for consumers in pubs and bars.

In Las Vegas, Tipsy Robot Bar has the first of its kind in the United States, where to serve as a drink are two mechanical arms.

The Robotic Bartender Market is expected to exceed more than US$ 160 million by 2022 at a CAGR of 7.12% in the given forecast period.

It is America, where robot bartender market is growing at a very fast pace. In 2017, market share of nearly 46% was occupied by the Americans industry and its growing.

By 2022, the Americas will register the highest growth rate of nearly 1%.

“Robots will serve you your favorite drink as well”

Robots can be very useful in operational functions, but they cannot replace the human warmth that many customers seek. They can do everything from mix drinks to evaluate the quality of your wine.

Nowadays it seems that there is a robot for anything. From washing dishes, sweeping, measuring any number of things … and the list does not stop.

Now there are robotic bartenders also, who can fulfills the functions of any normal human bartender.

According to the study, the robotic bartender market will grow steadily at a CAGR of more than 23% by 2022.

Today bar owners easily adopt robotic bartender technique offering customers to prepare customized drinks. These drinks making robotic machines may be expensive, but they offer extra features in order to prepare drinks with a mobile app and real-time monitoring of their working.

So, where I can find a perfect Robotic Bartender?

Have you ever been at a bar or a party and waited for a long time to have your drink? When, now you don’t need to waste your time. The answer to that problem: Somabar automated bartender.

Designed to go where human bartenders can’t go, this Somabar robotic bartender proves to be a perfect solution for hotel rooms, restaurants and lounges.

How this robotic bartender works?

Just create a menu and fill up your seven SomaPodTM containers with corresponding liquors and mixers.

The Somabar robotic bartender will make drink in 10 seconds or less. It even cleans itself automatically at the end of service.

  • Select or create your menu
  • Fill SomaPodTM containers
  • Select a drink


  • 10 Seconds to Make a Drink
  • 7 SomaPodTM Containers
  • Huge & Customizable Menu
  • Automated Self-Cleaning
  • App Controlled

Buy this Automated Bartending Solution, perfect solution for hotel rooms, restaurants, salons, airports, clubs and lounges.

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