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WinX MediaTrans Giveaway: Transfer iPhone Files without using iTunes

iTunes is a very useful tool when synchronizing our apps, transfer music and other multimedia content or make backup copies with our iOS device. However, in terms of usability, iTunes can be somewhat messy and confusing software, not to mention its lack of fluidity in operating systems such as Windows.

The reality is that sometimes using iTunes is a problem. Start making backups that we do not ask, we cannot control all our files and even music becomes a headache. Precisely for you to manage everything you have on your iPhone or iPad, we have “WinX MediaTrans” which we can say is the best alternative for iTunes.

Who doesn’t like a giveaway, especially when your favorite iPhone manager for PC, WinX MediaTrans up for grab for free for a limited time.

Yes, WinX MediaTrans is offering free licenses to all those who looking for best iTunes alternative. Let’s take a look at how this free iPhone manager can help you while sync iPhone to PC.

Alternative for iTunes: Meet WinX MediaTrans

According to us, the program helps users to more easily manage the iPhone, iPad and iPod without the need for iTunes. And it is that iTunes can be the best ally, but also your worst enemy. But you don’t have to worry about

WinX MediaTrans, because it is compatible with iPhone XS/X/8/7/6S/6/Plus/SE/5S/5, iPad Air, iPad Mini, iPad Pro, etc. Thanks to this, it provides a flexible and unlimited way to import or export files such as photos, video, music and more between the computers and the phone or tablet.

WinX MediaTrans helps you in file and data transfer operations from iOS devices to Windows PC and vice versa.

If you have an iOS device, you probably already know how tedious and complicated it can be to transfer files from … to iOS devices without the help of some good application that simplifies the procedure.

However, today there is a wide selection of programs that can help you achieve goal, but one of the best could be WinX MediaTrans.

The main screen lets you decide if you want to transfer iPhone photo, music or iPhone video files to and from the device, or you can use the internal memory of the device as a storage medium for files to be transported.

Connect your iPhone and iPad to start working. Once you have the software, open it and you will see this start screen.

As we observed, we have options to transfer photos, manage music, video, encrypt files, books, voice and tone notes, flash drive and even removes the DRM.

One of the things we like is that you can customize the settings. For example, the default paths where you will store the exported files and even clear the cache. Also things like replacing existing files or convert audio to extensions like MP3 and AAC, or convert video to MP4 format. But also configuration when encrypting files as the password you will use or if you enable encryption of photos and videos.

For the proper functioning of DRM removing, it is necessary to have also installed iTunes, because your DRM file is purchased from iTunes Store. And of course the USB device connected via USB.

WinX MediaTrans has established itself as the iTunes alternative for Windows. One can easily Synchronize and backup your iPad and iPhone files without complications.

This type of programs is of great help to transfer virtually any data between PC to iPhone and iPad. This way we have backed the files that matter to us. In addition to that, we decrease the space occupied in the device and we have more memory.

Features of WinX MediaTrans:


  • This option is used to manage books, EPUB, PDF and audio books.
  • Either to export to your computer or add new ones easily.


  • Here pod podcast files, iTunes U, voice notes and ringtones are divided.
  • It is the easiest way to export and import audio files to your tablet and phone.

Remove DRM.

  • This option serves to remove the digital rights management.
  • Whether movies, TV shows, music or audiobooks. There are the options to add files or delete them.

Flash Drive

  • Here you can add files in general.
  • Either separately or in folders, this is the option to have them on the phone. Basically it helps you to use the iPhone as if it were a USB stick and save the files you want.

Why WinX MediaTrans is a perfect iTunes alternative?

The reality is that it is software that allows a complete and simple management of all the files we have on the iPad and the iPhone.

Without a doubt, its advantages are that you do not expose yourself to losing data when the files are synchronized, something that is very likely when using iTunes.

The best thing is to make backup copies and synchronize the multimedia elements you want. We can say that it is the best alternative to iTunes.

Get WinX MediaTrans full license for free

For you to have WinX MediaTrans, we are a giveaway a license of version 6.0 with all the functions available with no free update. You can get free license when you click on this link.

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