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WordPress SEO: 10 Best Practices for 2024

Adequate Keyword Research

It is seen that keyword stuffing is an SEO technique that has lost its importance in the market. Also, getting ranked using keyword the factor is dead, but keywords prevail to be a strong factor using which search engines like Google rank websites. It means that our SEO packages and techniques should be guided by adequate keyword research.

Now the question arises that how can we know which keyword has better traffic? In such a case, we could use some tools like Google AdWords keyword planner. This tool makes you aware of the competitiveness for your keyword, also it helps you find better alternatives for your keyword. Using Google Analytics you can see the keywords using which people are visiting your site.

Ubersuggest is also a free tool that helps you find various keywords and proves to be very useful according to, various SEO experts. Sometimes you may use long-tailed phrases as your keywords to get seen first to your potential users.

Improved Content

No matter what SEO packages or SEO techniques you employ, still, you have to create content that is uncommon, productive, and satisfactory to what is being searched. A website without content will do be able to stand in a position in the market. Websites having poor content quality is like unfit shoes, you might walk on the road but the journey would be difficult and short.

Also, as a consequence, you will have a fewer audience and will also lose your SEO ranking. When it is suggested that content should be unique what does it mean? What is the need for creating unique content? So, the answer to such questions is that firstly making unique content means content that is not plagiarised. Secondly, our content should be unique because what is in demand is fresh ideas and fresh content.

Better to use SEO- Ready WordPress Themes and Plugins.

A big reason behind WordPress winning so much popularity in the market is because the time in which we can create and run a website is quick. Using WordPress Themes and plugins we can create professional websites in no time. But then too, you need to invest a little time in choosing the correct theme and plugin. From a large variety of themes and plugins, you can choose any of them but choosing the most appropriate theme and the plugin will give a kick start to your website. Whichever themes and plugin you select should have at least two qualities. Firstly, it should optimize clean and valid HTML and second and second, the theme should support the correct usage of headings and title tags of HTML.

SEO Friendly URLs

Another name for such URLs is Pretty Permalinks in WordPress. SEO friendly URLs are a very important element of WordPress SEO processes as well as user acquaintance. For illustration, which URL is easier to remember:




Which URL among these do you think will “attract, surprise, and expert” search engine spiders? The third URL on the list is the definitive winner. It’s disappointing to see webmasters using URLs that are difficult to remember as well as have fewer qualities when WordPress makes it so effortless to create SEO-friendly URLs. How can we use this? The only thing you have to do is to go to Settings > Permalinks and select Post Name or Month and Name.

Using these SEO package friendly elements will enhance your website. It is not advisable to use the default permalinks settings. Changing the structure of permalinks can affect your traffic and rankings.

Mobile-Friendly Website

Yes, we dislike the same bug we face every time we are on a great website. We are left with no option other than resizing our browser to check if the site responds or not. You must have unnoticed a helpful Google invention of a solution to this problem. They’ve already brought up a phone or say mobile-friendly labels in search results. How does this introduction of labels will affect you? So, if your website is not mobile-friendly, you will get a kick out of worse rankings than mobile-friendly websites. Your click-through rate will fall since after a few uses your users will know that your site is not mobile-friendly and hence will not visit your website. Hence, Google suggests acquiring a responsive web design (RWD). What is RWD? It is a web design strategy that allows designers to design a website for the mobile-friendly first approach. Websites created around RWD methods will always glance and perform great on all devices. Mobile-friendly SEO packages should be used.

Social Media Indications

In recent years the growth of social media is unbelievable. The rapid growth of social media has generated a fresh and more prosperous channel for WordPress SEO. Having a check on the great traffic potential of social media is an effortless task. It also allows you to create a community around your label and/or commodities. Search engines utilizing brand and content remarks defining your rank. The purpose behind this strategy is clear: If the surplus of the population will like, retweet, pin, stumble and all, your content, it must be helpful and vice versa. Be comprehensive with social media though. When you wish to open up two-way communication there are chances to get negative and opposed reviews as well as talking about your prospects. Make the best use of social media to gain the attention of more and more audience.

Give Tough Competition to Competitors

When you search your keyword in Google, nearly the initial ten (10) websites that are visible are your most influential opponents. To achieve that important and influential first position, you must beat them all. It is wisely said that we should always keep a close eye on enemies. We should invest a sufficient amount of time to observe the working of your competition. Try to find out the answers to questions like: Why does a particular website beat me? What do they do contrarily? What are the

SEO packages

they are using? Which SEO technique they implemented? Perhaps you after doing research may acquire the knowledge of what loopholes they have or where do the top websites lack. Such information would help you to achieve the desired ranking.  Being a little competitive is good for you since makes you more active, aware, and concentrated. All the efforts put in by you will be paid back in the form of first ranking and more audience of your website.

Speed of Loading Page Should be Improved

If your website takes a longer period of time to load, you’re losing nominees left, right, and center. Further, you’re removing SEO points down to the lowest, and as a consequence, they’re hard to be regained. Pages loading slowly will cause many negative consequences like higher bounce rates, loss of traffic and you will lose the trust of the customer as well and will ultimately.

To make the search experience better for customers you should upgrade your algorithms. Google page insights tool can be used if you wish to check at what speed your site loads the content available on your pages. Along with telling you your site speed it also helps you to know what improvement and modifications you can and you should make to increase the site speed so that there are minimum turnovers of your customers. If not the quickest then too you should try to keep your site speed better than your competitors.


What is a Sitemap? It is actually a map of your site –plays all the pages, classifications, and more. A sitemap should be created, for both human audience and search engines. The use of a sitemap makes your website look more organized and sorted. Another benefit of publishing the sitemap on your site is that your readers can find your content just in case it got lost. It will be helpful for users if you create your sitemap from your 404 error page. Sitemaps can be created either manually or by using a plugin.

Get Some Backlinks

The creation of links was is and will always remain as a significant part of WordPress SEO adequate practices.

Now the question arises that how does this link building work? So firstly, you publish high-quality content and then say for example site X links to you in the process of sharing link juice (backlinks) with you. If it’s a reliable website, Google labels you with a huger link profile, and your ranking increases. Then if you walk ahead and link to site B, you investments the backlinks as well. However, if site B is completely out of your nook or contains content of extremely low-quality, you will only degrade your rankings and possibly get a penalty. Hence, you should accept links only from the websites having high-quality content or websites in your niche or from known reliable websites.

Linking to websites should always add value to your site.

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