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Monday , 26 June 2017
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Working Ergonomically Is Easier Than You Think

There’s a common misconception that going ergonomic means spending a ton of money on the latest and greatest office products while simultaneously memorizing dozens of posture tips you’ll never really use. This couldn’t be further than the truth. If you share this belief, we’re here to tell you that shifting to an ergonomic lifestyle is easier than you think.

Starting with Your Posture

You can start committing to ergonomics without spending a dollar. Studies have shown that individuals who print a simple office chair posture diagram see improved results when they post it within eyesight of their computer screen.

Posting a chart with visual posture tips will keep correct sitting habits and techniques fresh in your mind without requiring you to actually memorize them. Just seeing the diagram will subconsciously help you work more efficiently and healthy.

Adjust Current Computer Chairs

If you’re fighting back pain at work, the odds are your personal office chair has something to do with it. After all, that’s where most of us spend the majority of our day. Take a minute to analyze your sit. Are you working with your feet flat on the ground? If not, raise your chair to the correct level. Don’t use the base of your chair as a foot rest as it will restrict your blood flow and increase fatigue. This quick adjustment is a must. You could have performed it before you finished reading this sentence.

Additionally, you’ll want to start breaking the habit of leaning away from your office chair when you type. This “hunching” technique can be a bit hard to break at first. That being said, if you adjust the angle of your chair to the upright position, it will be much easier. You can also tighten the tension knob located on the front of your swivel chair to provide a little more resistance when you lean back.

Utilize Monitor Risers

Are you looking down at your computer screens when working at your desk? This can cause neck pain and strain that limits your day-to-day productivity. To resolve the problem, grab a stack of magazines or an old shoe box and put it under your monitor base to act as monitor risers. It might not be pretty, but it’s effective and that’s what matters. If you want to invest a little money into your personal health and productivity, professional grade computer screen mounting systems are available for around $200.00.

Don’t Go Overboard

You don’t need to add every ergo product on the market at once. This common mistake typically results in multiple products being left unused and serving as nothing more than hefty paperweights in the office.

Instead, add one item at a time and learn to use it properly. This year for example, sit to stand desktop risers have become the latest craze. They promote continuous movement in the workplace and reduce the need for extended sitting sessions that can be damaging to your health. They’re definitely worth a try, but don’t think you need a desktop riser, new keyboard tray, monitor arm, and fancy ergonomic chair all at the same time. You’ll be left feeling overwhelmed.

As the demand for ergonomic products increases, more and more manufacturers are crafting products to aid users throughout their work days and minimize the health risks associated with a sitting office environment. This means products that were once expensive luxury items limited to executives, have now become affordable industry standards.

In the long run, don’t overcomplicate things. If you keep your ergonomic approach simple, you’ll enjoy lifelong health benefits. If you’re in pain, don’t be complacent. Take a proactive approach and make a change. Finding new and innovative ways to improve personal comfort at work should be fun. When you find a product that works for you, spread the word. Help prove to the world that working ergonomically is easy. You just have to take it one step at a time.

About the author:

Phillip Swindle is a furniture and design specialist with passion for creating innovative work environments built for productivity and healthy living. Phillip manages ecommerce blogs specializing in home and workplace office furniture where he regularly posts useful content and office design trends. http://blog.officefurnituredeals.com/

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