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We are an IT resource bringing you services and information to help you tackle your IT challenges.

Galido Networks offers complete and professional IT solutions for your work environment through our team and network of partners. As an IT solutions consultant, we'll analyze your current system and offer you the best solutions and service to guarantee results and return on investment.

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Web Developer, SEO

and Programming
We currently offer the following web, programming and SEO services:
  • web design
  • cms plugin creation
  • mobile application development 
  • programming 
  • data mining and data entry
  • web content management
  • search engine optimization.

    Our SEO guarantees white hat search optimization, link building and SEO training and upkeep. Be #1 organically on Google!

  • and more!
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Marketing, Advertising,

and Tradeshows
Our marketing group covers the following and much more:
  • web presence
  • web promotion
  • social networking
  • graphics and branding
  • corporate, tradeshow and private event planning
  • showcases
  • fliers  
  • advertising services    
  • classified ads 
  • reviews
  • and more...

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Technology Circle

and Tech Resources
We offer various tech services as well as free IT help information available on our IT Blog
  • Galido Networks provides consultation and support to businesses through our team or our network of partners.
  • Network or partner with Galido Networks and be part of our Network of IT Consultants and IT Solutions providers.  Affiliate programs are also welcome.
  • Browse through our extensive list of free Information Technology magazines, white papers, downloads and podcasts; Many IT topic available and  all are absolutely free.
  • Browse or Subscribe to our IT Blog for Tips, Tricks, News, Updates, and other IT related Information.
  • Submit an IT question for free and we will do our best to answer it!

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IT Blog Information Technology Blog provides you with information and links to computer tips, tricks, solutions, news and relevant information to IT related topics.

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Latest IT Blog Posts

  • 5 Things Your Ideal Web Content Writer Should Be Doing October 20, 2016
    A great content writer can make a website. They will engage customers, help a site rank and can be a huge benefit to a business. Here are some tips on what your ideal content writer should do. They Should Write Every Day One lesson that has been drilled into our heads hundreds, or thousands of ... The post 5 Things Your Ideal Web Content Writer Should Be Doi […]
  • 4 Amazing Test Automation Trends Of 2016 That Boost ROI October 20, 2016
    Software testing never stays at a single place for too long. The world of constant digital innovation rockets QA forward. Test engineers are pushed to their limits and beyond. And that’s an impressively great thing as every person who’s involved in the industry stays on his or her toes. This technological miracle predicts the perfect ... The post 4 Amazing T […]
  • How to Stop Hackers in Their Tracks and Protect your Business October 20, 2016
    Don’t allow a hacker to infiltrate your business’s personal information. Use these tips for best results and keep the hackers at bay and you and your customer’s info safe. Set Up Strong Passwords Each of your different accounts need to have a unique password. That way, if one account is infiltrated, they are not all ... The post How to Stop Hackers in Their […]
  • Keeping Track of Customer’s Payments with Invoicing/Debt Collection Software October 17, 2016
    For many IT companies or any businesses for that matter, keeping on top of outstanding accounts receivable can be quite difficult. Debt collection software’s make it easier for companies to stay on top of all of their outstanding payments. Benefits There are many benefits to investing in debt collection software for your company.  Here are ... The post Keepi […]
  • What if your Camera Security System Itself is Not Secured? October 16, 2016
    Though a camera security system is installed to pare down the risk of burglaries and protect family and business assets from criminals. Home automation, alarm systems, Wi-Fi home surveillance systems are the powerful technologies that apart from protecting our possessions, also raising the standard of living. Auto-activation of the alarm system when someone […]
  • Stock Earnings Calendar October 14, 2016
    Your investment risk soars during earnings season, and so can your profits as well! Monitor companies on your watch list and lookout for earnings dates! You may be lucky to get in or out just before a stock reports earnings (or losses). Watch for earn… The post Stock Earnings Calendar appeared first on Information Technology Blog.
  • GoPro Plus Winning Over Fans With Cloud Video Editing October 12, 2016
    GoPro Plus is a spectacular service designed by GoPro. According to the manufacturers, the service allows users to share and edit photos and videos in a user-friendly way. In addition, you can now view your media from any device. Issues with current GoPro editing functionality Many people have complained about GoPro’s inability to crop long ... The post GoPr […]
  • 10 Tips to Save Money on Tech October 12, 2016
    The truth is, tech products are expensive. When you buy a product new, you are often times spending a lot more than the device is actually worth. Buying tech products doesn’t have to be expensive. With a few money-saving tips, you can do a lot less damage to your pocket. Here are 10 Tips to ... The post 10 Tips to Save Money on Tech appeared first on Informa […]
  • The best applications for secure your Android connection October 12, 2016
    VPNs or virtual proxy networks have grown in popularity among individuals and also businesses in the last few years.  For mobile phones, it has added an extra layer of security when browsing the Internet or having to access sensitive files. What is a VPN? A VPN, or virtual private network, is a network that is ... The post The best applications for secure yo […]
  • Effectively Using Videos for Search Marketing October 11, 2016
    There are numerous techniques that companies and product advertisers can adopt to increase their online presence and optimize their existing web presence. Of these techniques include YouTube video marketing, targeting your industry/market audiences on social media platforms, gaining exposure through local business directory listings (if a product through pro […]

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