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galido networksalido Networks is an Information Technology resource, ad and blog network, marketing and IT consulting group.  We offer complete and professional IT consulting solutions and comprehensive web marketing services for your business.  Our consulting solutions are designed for your sustainable business & career success.

Among the marketing services we provide are ad networks, press release/content marketing, paid search and display advertising, web design, web analytics and reporting and branding, identity and value proposition.

We are professionals and well versed in marketing every industry, serving various niches and businesses of all sizes, from public companies to small private businesses and startups.  For advertisers, we also offer niche blogs and websites via our content network for guest posts and advertising.

 We also offer a range of web development and IT services, such as e-commerce website development, business website development, website design and IT consultancy.

We have all the resources to make your brand shine and make you #1.

Our Services

Galido Networks offers various services with specialties in Web, Marketing, SEO, and various areas in Technology.

Search Engine Marketing & Optimization

Content Relevance Optimization

SERP Marketing


Web/Graphic Design & Branding

Print & Media

Press Release & Distribution

Social Media Support

Event Services

Cost-Saving Solutions

Corporate Support

Cloud Support

Remote Support


Marketing and Tech Services Portfolio

Every industry is different. Developing the right type of content for potential customers and understanding how to measure the impact and how to improve on conversion is what we do.

Below are some of the industries we have worked with and have expertise in.


I have worked with Galido for over ten (10) years while he served as the Corporate Information Officer performing the functions associated with information technology, cyber security, website management, marketing, sales and service.  His performance was always exemplary.  He is singularly responsible for transforming our web presence from that of the last century to one that is competitive in every way in today’s demanding market.  We are the envy of our competition and that is exclusively due to Paolo’s efforts.

Galido possesses that unique combination of intelligence, common sense, work ethic and leadership which has consistently stood him clearly over the rest in every regard.  He is most articulate clearly expressing himself in oral, written and graphical form.

I recommend Galido without reservation knowing that he is the best that I have ever observed or likely will ever observe.  That is how certain I am of his capabilities.

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George L.

You promote a positive work attitude within the organization.  You interact professionally, responsively and efficiently.  You are able to complete assigned tasks and projects on time.  You are able to manage projects from start to finish without any supervision.  I have complete confidence in assigning any task to you with the expectation that it will be completed to my satisfaction.  You make a conscious effort to research and keep up with the latest technologies.

You have exceeded my expectations in achieving your goals and objectives.  Your versatile skill sets in areas outside your traditional job description make you very valuable and that I am proud to have you on my team.

Ryan J.

“I highly recommend working with Galido Networks.  They are very professional and timely with all my requests.  They did an excellent job with my website and made everything easy for me.  I don’t know many technical  things about websites, but these guys are great in explaining things.”

Jennifer Bartolome, Attitude Optometry, Attitude Optometry

“This team has gone above and beyond for my entire project.  From layout to creative development and even getting all the printing and installation done, they have delivered quality through out!!! I would highly recommend them which is usually something I do not do often.”

Rob Sleenoff, President, Bomburger
“I can count on timely technical support and business solutions to ensure my website is user friendly and ranked in the top 10% of customer searches on the internet for commercial mortgages.  Mr. Galido’s work is superior and is well worth the money spent!”
Charles Williams, Blue Crown Funding, Principal

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“Every IT question or issue that I have is discussed with Mr. Galido, who never fails to bring his expertise to the problem at hand.  I whole heartedly recommend him for any IT or web development work that you have.”
Chris Purcell, CPA and Attorney at Law

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“Innovation and will to get the tasks done, has brought inspiration to this new up and coming company.”

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“We are fortunate to have been able to assemble a dream team of Internet developers”

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David Tobias, President, Hemp Inc.
“Each time we have problems with our computers, we ask Galido Networks to help us resolve the issues.  And without fail,  the problems are always resolved, and we receive excellent service and always with a smile.  We would only trust galido.net with our computers because they are discreet and trustworthy when it comes to personal and sensitive data saved in the computers. “
Emy Bada, Santa Ana City Hall
“As a freelance graphic artist it is important that my work is up to date and accessible to my clientele which ranges from small business to universities / corporations. I came to Galido Networks to help streamline my online presence in turn they gave me the piece of mind to move forward with my projects and get on with what I do best, illustrate. Prompt Service + Professional & Relevant Experience = a winning combination. I’m happy to say I’ve finally found a long-term home for my business, and that’s the “IT WORKS” in GALIDO NETWORKS” Thank you Galido Networks!”
J.Diaz | Five Three Two, Your Content Goes Here
“Such devotion has permitted our organization to provide a new identity to the face of foster children, elevating the expectations of youth in care.”
Kearienne Muizz, Positive Resistance, Non-Profit

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“I was searching for a unique creative team who could conceptualize and bring to life my ideas for the LA Auto Show and I was lucky enough to “find” this team. They are a truly talented group of artists and visionaries, transforming the entrance of our Aftermarket Hall into an LA street art setting while staying within the auto show theme and yet still managed to push the envelope to the next level. They really listened to what I wanted and found out of the box creative ways to entertain kids and adults alike bringing a dynamic energy that was fun and refreshing to see. If you are looking for cutting edge artists and a creative outlook on any concept, just call FIND Art Media. I’m sure glad I did!”

Denise Ronayne, LA Auto Show

“I want to thank you very much for all the work you have done for my online marketing and website design. I have hired other companies in the past and not one of them has been as effective as you. My practice has grown tremendously since you instituted your marketing plan. All your projects are completed when promised and are delivered in the most professional manner. I highly recommend your services!”

Todd Masler, Masler Chiropractic | Pain Relief Center

“Galido Networks has effortlessly bailed my clients out of technical networking jams more times than I can count. I highly recommend them to keep information flowing seamlessly”

Stephen Sacks, Promotional Edge
“From a technical perspective, he is nothing short of outstanding.”

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Randy Maestre, Eyefi Technologies

“I’m very impressed with what you and I have accomplished together in very short order. Barry spoke very highly of you. I now see that he was being conservative. You are fantastic at what you do. Again, I’m very impressed! I’m looking forward to more. Thank you!!”

Robert Cash, Stem Cell Research

“Our business has been successful by working with the right people. Thank you for a job well done.”

Vanessa Adarna, Salon 25

“He has a willing attitude and is respectful to all staff members. He is trustworthy and reliable.”

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Sister Cabrini D.C., Principal, St. Vincent School
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Herbert Merrick
Herbert Merrick
Friendly and professional, glad to work with them.
Crystal M. Wilson
Crystal M. Wilson
Pol has a very calm nature and is too friendly, he provides a quality of work at the exact time you want. I appreciate the efforts he put in his work and his ability to complete each and every task in a small amount of time. I definitely recommend Galido Networks to each and everyone. 5 stars from my side :)
Lark Begin
Lark Begin
Galido Network is very friendly, fast, and provides quality work. I recommend them! 5 Stars from me :)
Mohammad Owais
Mohammad Owais
if you're looking for professional and some serious work then you should go with Galido Network. Their team is very friendly, cooperative, and talented.
Filip Nikoloski
Filip Nikoloski
It was a pleasure working with Galido. Very professional and patient. I strongly recommend Galido Networks
Sophia C
Sophia C
They are the best at what they do. It was great working with them. :)
Leslie Gilmour
Leslie Gilmour
Pol is an absolute pleasure to deal with. Highly recommend.
Carmen Z
Carmen Z
Awesome blog for digital marketers!
Maria Fedco
Maria Fedco
Excellent experience working with Galido Networks team! Strongly recommended these guys for any form of cooperation. Great service, great support afterwards!

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