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12 Tips on Optimizing Your Screencast Video

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Screen capture video is great for demonstrating a tutorial that you conduct on your computer screen. But don’t expect people to watch it if you upload without optimizing it. People will only watch your video is it is well done. The following are 12 tips that you can use to optimize your screencast video to make it more engaging.

Clean Up Your Desktop

Prior to recording, clean up your desktop from all the clutters. Close the extra tabs on your browser that are irrelevant to the screencast. Move the folders from your desktop so that no one can see them. Adjust the settings of your applications so that they will not show any notifications every now and then. If you are signed in to your instant messaging client, quit it for now so that your recording will not be intercepted with pinged messages from your contacts. If you don’t want to clean up your desktop, then, you will have to perform the screen recording in full-screen mode.

Write a Script

It will help to create a script so that you don’t mumble around in finding the talking points during recording. After writing the script, practice talking the speech. You don’t have to record yourself during rehearsal. You can practice the speech like you are talking to yourself. Doing so will reduce the amount of editing in the video.

Add Text and Arrows in Your Screencast

No everyone can follow up when you are talking and moving your cursor at the same time in the screencast. To fix this issue, you can add text. You don’t have to add the full subtitles, just add some words to explain what you are doing and put arrows to let people see it clearly.

Be Straightforward in the Message

Get straight to the point right from the start of the video. People don’t like to hear a lot of introduction. They are anxious to hear the information they are looking for at the start. Do rehearsal so that you can avoid making mistakes in the speech. It will reduce your uhms and arrs in the video.

Make Sure Your Video Has Good Audio Quality

The audio quality is even more important that the picture quality in the screencast. The recorded voiceover may have some distorted background sound if you are using low-quality microphone to perform the screen record with sound on Mac. This will make your viewers feel turned off and they will watch other videos instead. There are a lot of good quality USB microphones at an affordable price.

Invest in a Quality Screen Recorder

You will need to invest in a screen recorder software that has all the bells and whistles you need for your screen casting needs. Before buying, sign up for the trials and test the software yourself to see whether it has the features that you are looking for. Through testing the software, you will know the level of difficulty in using it to record your screencast.

Have All the Files You Need on Hand

You should prepare all the files that you need so that you can easily access them during record. These files can be webpages bookmarks, images, and etc. In this way, you don’t have to waste time clicking on folders to search for them during the screen recording. It also makes you look more professional.

Compress the Screencast before Uploading

You will need to compress your screencast video when exporting it. The format you choose must be supported on your video sharing platform. You should avoid putting too much emphasis on video quality when choosing a format. On the other hand, you will also want to make sure that the video you upload is distorted and hard to watch for the viewers. MP4 or M4V is the best compression formats for YouTube videos.

Enlarge the Text Size

When you are recording a browser, you can see the text. But keep in mind that the text won’t appear as clear when it is uploaded on the video sharing platform. To fix this issue, you can enlarge the text by pressing Ctrl and + to zoom in to like 200%. This will make your browser look like a 1280×720 screen resolution.

Enlarge the Cursor Size

Just like text, people also usually cannot see the cursor in the screen recording. To enable people to notice your cursor, you will have to enlarge the cursor. You can enlarge the cursor size in the control panel. You should select the largest cursor option. Besides, you can choose the highlighting option in your screen recorder so that a halo will appear around the cursor allowing people to easily notice you. It will also be necessary to activate the mouse clicking sound because people usually don’t know you are clicking when they are watching the video. The clicking sound allows your audience to realize that you are clicking in the tutorial.

Add a Video Intro

In your screencast, always add an intro so that people know the channel they are watching. There animation effects like fades which you can add in your video editor when creating the intro. It is best to keep the intro short like a splash screen otherwise your audience can lose their patience. The intro needs to be designed with the color theme of your brand. The color theme can resemble the background color of your YouTube channel design. In addition, don’t forget to display your brand name and tagline on the intro.

Install Smooth Scroll Extension

You may want to install the smooth scroll extension for your browser so that the scrolling will be slowed down when you scroll down with your mouse wheel. For Chrome, you must install SmoothScroll. After the extension is installed, you need to adjust the following settings: Step Size – 285, Animation Time – 700, Acceleration Scale – 50, Acceleration Delta – 80, and Pulse Scale – 10. The value for the Arrow key step size should not be changed. After changing the settings, refresh the tabs or reset the browser to see the changes. The effect is more noticeable if there is a long page to scroll.

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