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2018 iPhone Launch: What Your Privacy Means to Apple

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In the long-lasting battle between Android and Apple, it is fair to say that both brands are head to head. With the features and the privacy policies, both the brands do their very best in providing users with everything.

However, you may have noticed that when you ask an Android user why he uses an Android, he will give you a list of reasons. But when you ask an Apple user the same question, he will say “Because Apple is Apple.”

Apple is Apple

The brand focuses heavily on user experience to the point that once you choose Apple, you don’t go back to Android. The heavily awaited new iPhone line was launched on Wednesday when Tim Cook introduced the world to iPhone XS line, iPhone XR line and Apple Watch Series 4. The crowd went wild after seeing the products for obvious reasons. As an iPhone user myself, I can assure you that I share their sentiment.

Is an iPhone Worth My Dime?

Yes, it is true that Apple’s products are more expensive than most Android devices out there but that is only because Apple uses the fastest smartphone processors in their devices on the market, which have been redefined completely by how stable their OS really is. I’ll explain to you how this really works. You pay an average market price for an Android device and it lasts you a good year, maybe two, but after that, your device starts to lag and you have to spend the same amount again and repeat the cycle. However, with Apple devices, you pay a hefty amount upfront, but your devices last twice as long as any in the market!

The New Generation of iPhones

When Apple introduced the new generation of iPhones on Wednesday, the media world took to their social media channels and proclaimed just how the new iPhones happen to be the best ones yet to be released by iPhone. I however, do not agree with this statement. Though the products offered by Apple hold their own in the market, the most important reason why Apple is Apple is because of its signifying feature it offers its users: privacy.

Apple’s Take on Your Privacy

The example of 2016 should be plenty when Apple refused to accommodate FBI. At the time, FBI was investigating a mass shooter who was the user of an iPhone 5C. FBI requested that Apple write a code to bypass the device’s security as it would help push the investigation forward. Apple refused as it understood the importance of preventing the privacy of millions of its users as compared to one mass shooter. If Apple had written that code, it would mean that every iPhone user would become vulnerable to attack. Though Apple received a lot of heat for this decision, it continued to prioritize user privacy with features such as the one introduced for the Safari browser which is capable of disabling tracking tools used by websites like Twitter and Facebook which are known for their ability to keep tabs on what users do online.

Other features in the iOS 11 include the following.

  • Disabling of data transfer from lightening port
  • Full disk encryption for Macs with FileVault
  • Hardware backstops that prevent the unwarranted use of mics and camera in Macs

Apple Can Make Some Privacy Improvements

Apple can definitely do more to improve its privacy feature. The biggest issue I noticed was the lack of end-to-end encryption for iCloud, Drive and Notes app. It has been said that in these departments, Apple has been trying to improve its privacy features but until then, need to use a VPN to protect against cyber attacks is a good option. After all, the last thing anyone wants is leaked personal photos and work files online.

The Commercial Surveillance State

Now more than ever, our privacy is our biggest concern, simply because of how many times it is taken away from us. In 2018, we live in a world that is consistently tracked by private industries all over the world. Big corporation uses our private information received from our browser histories and use it for advertising purposes, or worse, for spying. Though at this point, I can’t be sure which is worse, the former or the latter. Companies that track us can even predict our future actions, how scary is that?

Well, that is of course if you use Androids. However, the game changes when you use an Apple product.

What Makes Apple Better Than Facebook and Google

I know that most of you are still wondering that if Apple of capable of pulling this off, why can’t Facebook and Google? I think it has more to do with brand ideology than anything else. Tim Cook hasn’t specifically said anything about privacy in the latest iPhone launch. Though it may raise alarms for some people but the gist of it is that you can either deliver privacy because it is a basic human right or you can talk about it and sell user data behind their backs, which Apple isn’t really big on.

Big Corporations Like Big Money: What Does That Mean for Your Data?

In the spirit of honesty though, I would like to add that since Apple is a corporation that does want to make as much money as possible. But what differentiates it from Facebook and Google is that Apple has actual products to sell and make a profit off of. Google and Facebook are mostly free sites and apart from their paid ads, they don’t make a lot of money which is why they resort to selling user data to third-parties that might be interested in them and can make a profit off of them. It doesn’t get much simpler than that.

That doesn’t mean that Apple doesn’t collect data and sell it, it just keeps it to the bare minimum. Apple collects, say, a tenth of the data collected by Android devices which if you ask me, is good enough for me!

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