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2018 Roundup: The Best High Tech Cars Of The Year

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As 2018 draws to a close, there has been plenty of evolution in the automotive industry this year. With car companies such as Tesla and Jaguar testing the limits of technology within our vehicles, now more than ever is an exciting time for tech and car lovers alike!

Here we are going to take a quick look at the best high tech cars of 2018.

Honda Civic Type R

When looking for one of the best all-around high tech cars of 2018, you cannot do much better than the Honda Civic Type R. With sleek design as well as 2-litre vetch turbocharged engine and manual 6-speed transmission, you can experience the very best of engineering out on the open road.

However, if you decide that you want to cruise and have a leisurely drive you have the option of customization, with the ride type easily changeable at the touch of a button, the choice is completely up to you. Honda has also added a large amount of tech that earns this vehicle its rightful place on this list. With technology such as traffic sign recognition as well as intelligent speed limiter, you can guarantee that safety comes as standard.

Tesla Model X 75D

Featured in a lot of YouTube videos in recent years, the Tesla Model X 75D is one of the best examples of a car that is full to the brim of the very best tech available. With an iPad as the control centre, as well as the ability to move the car simply by using your phone, this is the perfect crossover for those that love cars in addition to the best of technology.

Another addition is that this high tech vehicle is completely electric, allowing you to have all the technology that you could want without burning fossil fuels, making this the ideal solution for those that want all things tech whilst enjoying the open road.

Not only is this car full of technology in the interior, but there is also a large amount of technology on the exterior to help improve performance and enhance the overall driving experience. The Tesla Model X 75D also includes sensors when changing lanes as well as vehicle detection to ensure safe driving, making this the ultimate car for the perfect journey no matter the distance.

Rimac Concept One

Famously featured in an episode of Amazons  ‘Grand Tour’, the Rimac One is one of the best high tech cars released this year. Although there we only 88 units offered, this luxury vehicle is one that perfectly encompasses every driving element that you could want. This vehicle is fully electric and has a top speed of 221 MPH, which is ideal for the track that it was specifically designed for.

Jaguar I Pace

Set to be released before the end of 2018, the Jaguar I Pace is Jaguar’s answer to the first all-electric car. With the highly anticipated launch, this stylish vehicle is full to the brim with tech that makes it a strong contender for the next big electric car. With a price point of £63,495, this luxury vehicle comes with the option for an in-car 4g hotspot, allowing you to find all the latest information about your location as well as up-to-date traffic updates, so you can find the best route for your journey.

With a new crop of 2019 vehicles just around the corner, there is plenty to look forward to due to the bar already having been set so high, so keep your eyes peeled for the very best in high tech cars.

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