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3 Tools to Secure Your WordPress Blog

When it comes to security, WordPress is famously lacking. In 2013 it was reported that 73% of WordPress blogs are vulnerable to attack, and that number is so large that it’s a safe bet that lots of blogs are vulnerable, still. So how do you avoid being attacked? Here are two apps that will help you avoid the worst case scenario, and one that will help you recover from it in one piece.


Hey, what’s your password? Trick question. You’re not supposed to know. How? 1Password.

1Password is a tool that lets you generate unique, complex passwords of up to 32 characters.  Once created, the password is saved to an encrypted vault with all the other login info for the account. When you need to log in, their browser extension fills oyouut the fields for you.

Why is this necessary? Currently, unless the user limits this with a tool, WordPress allows unlimited login attempts by default. This means that you’re vulnerable to bruteforce attempts. If even you don’t know what password you have, does a hacker even stand a chance?

All In One WP Security & Firewall

This plugin will cover you on all the basic and not-so-basic WordPress security needs.

Once it’s installed, the plugin goes through all the security in your blog and grades it on a scale. Next, it’s up to you to choose how to improve it. Here’s a few things this plugin does to better the security of your blog:

  • Prevent bruteforce attempts. The plugin enables bruteforce protection by limiting the number of login attempts available from a single IP address.
  • Force-logout. You can log in again in a click with 1Password, but malicious attackers cannot.
  • Allows to an users by specifying IP addresses or use a wild card to specify IP ranges.
  • Firewall functionality: basic, intermediate and advanced protection.
  • SPAM protection.


Vobla is a cloud backup service for Linux machines. And you can absolutely not afford to go without a backup of your data.

If everything else has gone wrong, and all your data is lost, you’re going to wish you had backed up. Luckily, Vobla makes it possible to get a completely free, automatic and easy-to-use backup of your data. Even a complete noob can install it in under 5 minutes.

vobla 1024x579 - 3 Tools to Secure Your WordPress Blog

Vobla uses CPD (that’s Continuous Data Protection) to back up data. That means that it only backs up file that have sustained a change since their last backup. Snapshot-backup is notoriously inefficient, backing up all of a users’ files at once. This backs up everything, and uses cloud space efficiently, too! You can be sure Vobla won’t miss anything.

Vobla’s killer feature is its server monitoring capability. Even if you’re far away from your machine, you can get real-time stats on your server’s status and its resource usage. It gives you info on stuff like uptime, Memory load, Network and HDD space usage so you’re always informed of your server’s state.

It’s also free! Vobla has a Pro subscription, but the Free plan’s allowances should be sufficient for small-to-medium sized blogs.

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