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4 Unusual SEO Statistics You Should Know About In 2023, 2024

As the first quarter of this year is nearing its end, it’s about time for businesses to put a deep focus on algorithms and techniques and how to effectively integrate these with their respective websites. Trends are continually changing in the world of digital marketing, but one thing stays the same, and it is the effectivity of search engine optimization. SEO techniques still don’t seem to falter. These still have the ability to position your digital content firmly on the World Wide Web. In turn, ranking increases, so as profit.

SEO is very much alive, and it’s only getting more in-demand each passing day. This fact is proven through the following statistics:

Google Is Still The Most Used Search Engine

Why Internet users choose a particular search engine is a matter of preference. Some may choose one over the other because of an easier user interface. While some may prefer a specific search engine because of its proven success rate. Generally, the latter is the most common reason, and in this case, Google prevails.

When 2022 closed, Google has generated over 2.3 trillion searches. This means that Google accounted for at least 75% of the entire global desktop search traffic. Then, it’s followed by the following search engines:

Bing, at 9.97%

Baidu, at 9.34%

Yahoo, at 2.77%

These statistics show that for your business to win at digital marketing, you have to abide by the SEO rules set by Google. When you rank well in Google, you’re giving your buyers the chance to easily reach you when they’re searching for products, services, or whatever information that relates to your niche. With Google, there’s a lot of power in your hands to achieve a robust following.

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Of All Website Traffic, 51% Comes From Organic Search

In studying SEO techniques, you may have already heard of the value of organic searches. These refer to the traffic that goes through your website when someone types a query. Then, the user clicks on your organic listing in the search results. When someone lands on your website through the search engine results page, then that comprises your organic rankings.

In this regard, it’s imperative as well to emphasize the importance of generating strong organic search traffic. Once you’ve achieved that, your business website gains the following advantages:

  • Organic search traffic brings in to your site highly qualified prospects or customers.
  • Organic traffic leads your site to a better form of branding.
  • Organic search traffic is one of the most effective means of attracting new customers and buyers.
  • Organic search traffic rankings can prove your credibility in the niche that you belong to

Top Five Results On The First Page Account For 67.60% Of All Clicks

You may know by now that the whole point of applying SEO techniques is to put your page on higher rankings. Statistics show that the top five results on the first page of Google account for 67.60% of all clicks. This means that of the 2.3 trillion searches on Google when 2022 closed, more than a majority of these belonged to websites comprising the top five results each time a search is made.

This percentage only highlights, even more, the importance of striving to make it on the top landing page of Google. Your website management team should always strive to make it to the top five.

Here are some pointers on how to catapult your site on the top five results of Google:

  • Research on the keywords that you’d like to compete for.
  • Tell Google about these keywords by placing them strategically in your content, title, header, and alt tags, among others.
  • Always ensure that the content of your site is relevant and updated
  • Write and develop material for human beings, meaning, be relatable, as if you’re talking to a friend.
  • Have a strong link-building strategy.

Over 1,000 Words Is The Average Length Of Content On Top Sites

One of the most effective and most commonly talked about techniques for SEO also has to do with the content. It’s always recommended to have content that’s fresh, relevant, and updated. Furthermore, the content should also have keywords strategically placed in it. That way, Google’s crawlers will have something to read and review whenever an Internet user does a  search.

Also, don’t forget to achieve the ideal content length, which will keep visitors entertained and reading through your site. A content that’s too long will keep them bored, while too short of the content may cause Internet users to jump to another site instead. Recently, it was determined that pieces of content that made it to higher rankings of searches contained around 1,000 words. So, this should be the average length that you should strive to attain.


Incorporating proper search engine optimization techniques into your site may seem like an intimidating thing to do. But, as you may have already learned from all the statistics enumerated above, it’s still one of the most essential steps to achieving success in the digital marketing world.

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