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5 Best Career Options for Students in Computer Science Engineering

Some of the coolest jobs today require a background in Science, Technology, Engineering and even Math. We are now living in a world where STEM careers have taken on a different perception. You are almost out of sync with the scientific developments if you’ve not studied a STEM-related course. Today, some of the coolest jobs around require that you have a background in Science, Technology, Engineering and even Math.

One of such courses is Computer Science Engineering. Mostly, these are the guys that coded and programmed that mobile app you are so hooked on. You probably think that they must have been geniuses, right? Well, that’s the much a course in Computer Science Engineering can do for you.

Individuals with a love for coding most likely end up taking a course in Computer Science Engineering. Their desire to solve problems through deciphering code basically defines them. They are also characterized by their knack to learn new programming languages. Computer Science Engineering separates critical thinkers from the rest. For you to major in this course, you have to think analytically to deal with systems and programs effectively. Further, you must be keen on details so as to troubleshoot errors and problems.

The expanded scope of computer Science has presented a wide variety of job opportunities in specialized areas. As the computer technologies advance each day, the demand for computer science skills equally increases. However, the job you land on in this discipline depends on your skillset and interests.

Here are the five top career options for computer science students:

Software Developer

In this field, software developers come up with new programs for user-specific tasks. These include mobile applications and computer software. Software developers code them from scratch. Thereafter, they conduct the testing and maintenance of the software.

Technical creativity is key for an aspiring software developer. You have to see the invisible. This is what it takes to solve persistent problems through coding. If you aspire to be a software developer, you have to be fluent in computer languages that are used in coding programs.

There is no compromise when it comes to communications skills. These are a must-have. Imagine having an idea of how to solve a problem but lack the words to describe it? It’s undesirable, right? Software developers, therefore, need to have the vital communication skills to explain technical ideas even to third parties. Communication skills also come in handy in securing information from end users on how the software or application is functioning.

Among the duties of a software developer include:

  • Designing and customizing computer software and applications.
  • Customizing and modifying existing computer software and applications to achieve the desired efficiency and correct errors.
  • Establishing software requirements and user preferences to determine the feasibility of the software.

With a projected growth of 30% in the next 20 years, the software development field is one full of potential. The cherry on the cake is the salary you earn. A median annual salary of $100,080 is likely to lure aspiring software developers into pursuing the course full time.

Web Developer

The very basic task of a web developer is to build a visitor’s familiarity with a website

These are professionals designated with the task of assessing user needs for information-based resources. They are responsible for creating the technical structure and support for websites. This means that they ensure that web pages are comfortably accessed by users on different browsers and interfaces.

The very basic task of a web developer is to build a visitor’s familiarity with a website. They do website styling and add page features to it. Whenever you need that company web site developed or upgraded, a web developer would be the professional you seek help from.

What’s interesting, web developers work hand in hand with designers and project managers in their job. This is to ensure that the intended product meets the quality and adheres to budget and other constraints while maintaining the proposed design.

Just like any other computer science related career, web developers must have excellent communication skills, both oral and written. This mostly applies for the front-end web developers. They should also be equipped with a few graphic design skills plus unique time management values. Web development is all about troubleshooting issues as fast as possible and keeping up with emerging technologies and trends.

In terms of coding languages, web developers are mostly proficient in using HTML or JavaScript. Through these languages, they are able to bring websites to life. Follow-up activities for web developers are continuous maintenance, testing, and updating of websites from time to time.

Just as software developers, web developers also practice in various sectors. Employers for a web developer may include the government, non-profit organizations and other corporate players in the market.

In the USA, it was reported that the states of California, Washington, New York, Florida, and Texas offered the most opportunities for web developers in 2017. Among these, Washington, New York, and California were the top-paying states for any web developer, with salaries in the range of $66,130 annually.

Computer Systems Analyst

These are professions that assess the computer systems of an organization and recommend changes if need be. If this is your dream career, you should be proud too. These individuals also propose hardware changes to companies to increase efficiency.

This job requires constant contact with company managers and employees. As such, computer systems analysts should possess strong interpersonal and communication skills. These are vital in communicating with staff and management about the importance of adopting technology to meet their needs.

Computer systems analysts also need the thirst and curiosity to drive their learning process and research in technology. Business skills are also a crucial package for computer system analysts.

Looking into the details of Computer systems analysis, this field can be categorized into three fields. One of this is system architecture or design. These professionals find the technical solutions to computer systems problems to achieve long-term goals of the organization.

Another group of professionals here is software quality assurance analysts. Their main role is to run tests and analyze problems in computer systems. Lastly, there are programmer analysts who write code for software and applications to meet clients’ needs.

Computer Network Architect

Network architects strategize and build communication networks such as LANs, WANs and Intranets

In this career path, network architects strategize and build communication networks such as LANs, WANs, and Intranets. They generally sum up an organization’s need for communication and data sharing. They also assess the viability of communication-related products in the market and test systems before adopting them. Consequently, they also resolve problems anytime they occur.

In a computer network analyst’s skillset, critical thinking and analytical skills should rank first. These are greatly handy in evaluating computer networks. Other typical functions of network architects are data backups and data recovery operations.

In terms of compensation, computer network architects are well paid with their annual salaries being in the range of $79,700.

Information Security Analysts

Information security analysts protect information systems from online attacks

In a world where data and information have taken over the communication sector, information security analysts are critical professionals in the market. Their role is to protect information systems from online attacks and other cyber breaches.

They are also tasked with researching the current trends in data security. This helps in foreseeing problems and developing systems to prevent such issues beforehand.

An information security analyst’s skillset obviously includes unique problem-solving skills coupled with intuition so as to detect data breaches and take mitigating steps.

Computer Science Engineering is a broad course leading to numerous job opportunities

From the five career options we’ve considered, we can comfortably state that a Computer Science graduate can be more than just an ordinary software engineer. Computer Science is a broad course leading to numerous job opportunities. Depending on your skills and interests, a course in Computer science could definitely solidify your career with the right research.

So, which of these 5 options do you feel most attracted to?

About the author: Sophia Clark is a creative writer. She is working on several projects. In her free time, she enjoys reading and writing fiction. Her big dream is to publish a book one day. Connect with her on G+.

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