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5 Cheapest Ink Cartridge Brands

It’s no secret that ink is expensive. In fact, printers themselves can be dirt-cheap compared to the long-term investment you’ll make as you buy ink cartridge after ink cartridge throughout the life of the printer.

There are several ways in which you can save money on ink. One way is to simply make your ink last as long as possible, another is to refill your cartridges, and another is to seek out the best deals on the cheapest brands. InkTonerStore.com is proud to offer you the best deals on ink, but which brands should you buy to make your dollar stretch as far as possible?

In this post we’ll highlight 5 of the cheapest ink cartridge brands to help you make a smart purchase. Keep in mind that to some extent, the efficiency of your printer will have an effect on how often you’ll need to buy ink. If you have questions about whether it is appropriate for you to use a brand of ink that does not match the brand of your printer, check out our overview of compatible inks. Because remanufactured inks are always cheaper and can come from a variety of sources, we’re sticking to brand names for the purposes of our list. So without further ado:


Known as the cheapest brand-name ink, Kodak offers the best of both worlds: quality performance at an affordable price. Kodak consistently ranks as the cheapest brand of ink in consumer testing. When printing in black-and-white, Kodak ink can cost as little as three cents per page. That’s not only seriously impressive, but also beats most of the competition by a landslide. Printing with color ink will cost you closer to six cents per page, which is still well within the low-end of the spectrum.

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Epson inks are highly competitive with Kodak’s in terms of price. But if you go for Epson ink, be careful which line you choose from: Epson’s Artisan and WorkForce lines are cheaper than its Stylus line, for example. Printing in black-and-white will cost about three cents per page for Epson’s cheapest inks. Printing in color with the Artisan line will cost around five cents per page, which is about as good as it gets!

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HP inks cost an average of 4.2 cents per page of black-and-white printing. That’s not bad, but you can do better. Color printing is three cents extra at 7.2 cents per page, which is again average.

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Brother inks are highly competitive with HP, costing exactly the same for black-and-white printing: 4.2 cents per page. The Brother brand is slightly more costly in terms of color printing: 7.5 cents per page.

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Dell’s inclusion on this list comes with a caveat: only the black ink is affordable (as cheap as 2.4 cents per page) and only for very few models, such as V725w. If you choose the color ink for the exact same model, you’ll be forking over way more cash than is necessary. Approach Dell ink with caution when looking for a bargain!

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