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5 Devices Improved By Smartphone Apps

In recent years, developers and product designers have been collaborating to streamline the innovative process. Previously, most tech tools had to be implemented into the software, hardware, or servers of an electronic device – product-related apps are now taking over.

And they’re simply better.

Without taking any extra bandwidth from your device, they collect, optimize, and efficiently run many additional applications, even allowing for remote access to devices typically used within the home.

Take a look at how 3 popular apps are revolutionizing the use of their corresponding technologies below.

Xbox Remote Play iOS App

The Xbox iOS app is considered the next best thing to XCloud. Where the iOS app sets itself apart is that it skips servers and connects directly to your Xbox. So, no matter where you are, as long as you have an internet connection, you can remotely tap into your home Xbox. Through the app, users have access to Xbox settings, listings, and even games.

The app can be used on phones, tablets, or PCs through Android version 6.0 or greater, iOS version 10 or greater, and Bluetooth version 4.0+. Unfortunately, only the newer Xbox One and Xbox Series X / S games are supported by the app.

And all you need to get started is a compatible Xbox wireless controller with Bluetooth. This unprecedented app allows gamers to bring the fun on-the-go or simply to another room in the house. There’ll never be a fight over the tv again!

Pax 3 App

In the UK, Vaporizers have grown in popularity as people become better educated on the dangers of smoking. As a result, dry herb vape manufacturers have been investing heavily in improving the technology inside their flagship devices. The Pax 3 app gives the freedom of tailor-made vape sessions to Pax 3 device users. Connecting seamlessly to your phone via Bluetooth every time the vape is turned on – it’s completely intuitive.

The primary functionality of the main menu is to precisely control vape temperature through small increments. However, the real gem is its “smart modes” menu that provides unrivaled customizability.

Here are the four “smart modes:”

  • Efficiency: Ensures your dry cannabis herb will go that extra mile
  • Flavor: Adjusted Pax 3 vaporizer settings to prioritize vape cloud flavor over all else.
  • Stealth: Reduces vape smell.
  • Boost: Provides quick, efficient, and convenient vape sessions

The lights and haptic feedback of the Pax 3 vaporizer can also be tweaked through the Pax 3 app. And extending across multiple devices such as tablets, laptops, and phones – you’ll never be left high and dry!

Apple Watch Health App

Otherwise known as the Apple Health app, this app can draw information from multiple health devices and display it neatly in one place. Capable of pulling fitness data from Apple Watch, iPhone, sleep monitors, scales, trackers, or third-party apps like Strava – it’s clear that this app is highly compatible.

From its compiled data, the Apple Health app can turn out information on user’s daily steps, exercise, sleeping patterns, and much more. Its specialized tools can even help users to keep an eye on their blood pressure or glucose levels.

By logging your nutrition into the app, you can also track your daily calorific intake, calculate how much you’ll need to work off any calorie excess, and then plan your exercise routine to suit!

Essentially, the Apple Health app is like having your own personal trainer in your pocket.

Now is the era of the smartphone app in product technology. So, why not try out some of the above apps with your devices? They’ll greatly improve your product experience by opening up a new world of possibilities – and all contained within your pocket!

The Hive App

Hive is one of the world’s leading smart home devices and technology suppliers. Hive products have found their way into 1.7 million homes (and growing) across the UK through their guaranteed convenience and security. Surprisingly, Hive also boasts 1.5 million users of their product app.

Through seamlessly connecting all smart home devices into one place, the Hive app allows homeowners access to all aspects of their abode, whether near or afar. For example, all lights, plugs, and heating within the home can be turned off with one button when heading out. A movie night lights-heating combination setting can be pre-set and brought on whenever needed. Plus, app users can monitor their home’s safety through remote-access to security devices placed throughout the house. HD live streaming, two-way audio, and person, motion, and sound detection are just some of the security features available.

Settings can be switched on and off through quick one-click options on the dashboard. And if you’re not in the mood to click, lights can be controlled by a daily timer. And if you plan to head to bed early, you won’t have to reach into your pocket – lights can be turned off, if pre-set, by simply closing a door through Hive’s movement/door sensing technology.

The Hive app can even tap into your home’s thermostat and promises that you’ll never have to come home to a cold house again. You also won’t have to worry about your pipes freezing in the winter with Hive’s frost protection settings. Overall, through its daily heating schedules and incredible customizability, the Hive app can save the average home up to £130 on heating bills.

PlayStation App

Stay connected to the PlayStation world no matter your whereabouts through this practical app. Consider it a PlayStation in your pocket. Through opening the app on your phone, tablet, or even laptop, you’ll be able to access almost every setting of your PlayStation.

  • Keep in contact with friends – see who’s online, check what game they’re playing, keep in touch through the app’s text or voice chat options.
  • Shop – keep track of the latest deals/releases, pre-order games, and monitor your order activity. Purchases can also be made through the apps marketplace.
  • Stay up-to-date – be the first to find out about the latest PlayStation or gaming news through the app’s newsfeed.
  • Turn your PlayStation on/off and log-in – Remotely launch games so that they’re ready to play the minute you get in the door!
  • Adjust settings – Take control of your storage during downloads, edit your profile, change your user preferences, and much more.

Phillips Hue App

Make your home into the light show of your dreams through the Philips Hue App. By storing access to all Hue lights and Products in one place, homeowners can have full control over their surroundings’ brightness and color.

A mind-blowing 16 million colors can be mixed & matched into perfect homely combinations through the Phillip’s Hue App. Pre-set light “moods” can be used throughout the day from just one click of the app.

Remotely set light preferences to match the time of day; keep your house safe by turning lights on when no one’s home.

Whatever your mood, preference, or current activity. – using Philips Hue App, you can find the perfect lighting to match!

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