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5 Minecraft Plugins you Need for your Minecraft Server

Minecraft is a game about placing blocks and going on adventures. Explore randomly generated worlds and build amazing things from the simplest of homes to the grandest of castles. Play in Creative Mode with unlimited resources or mine deep in Survival Mode, crafting weapons and armor to fend off dangerous mobs. Do all this alone or with friends.

Minecraft Bukkit Tools and Plugins

Minecraft’s wiki describes Bukkit as “the name given to a set of community-built, open source tools developed and envisioned to make the process of creating SMP plugins easier. It is almost like the ModLoader of SMP features.


Essentials is, just…. essential.

As we have said above, Essentials add more efficiency and important commands and permissions to your SMP server. Some of these include God mode, repair, heal, worth, teleport, tempban,  spawnmob, AFK, pay, and others.

This plugin should be directly built into the Minecraft release. Some of the commands are too integral and very important to the growth of server and I cannot see how they anybody could overlook them and leave them out.

There are very many Essential package modules including EssentialsChat, EssentialProtect,EssentialSpawn among others. Essentials is very vital as it contributes to the functionality of very part of the Minecraft Server hosting.


You are very lucky if you run a server without using NoCheat and it manages to make its way onto Planet Minecraft. Ever since I started managing my own server and I have been disgusted and stunned by the many people who use a hack or a modded client. Whenever this activity is detected, NoCheat will alert you.

NoCheat has the ability to thwart hacks which are very difficult for the trained eye to see. I expected lots of poor feedback and false positives but I was surprised by how this thing works in a beautiful manner. Never again will another fly, player speed use complicated PvP hacks on your server without your knowledge.


Even though this should have been built into NoCheat, it is a very great and important plugin to any server which values the economy. Orebfuscator disables real x-ray hacks that may be on your server. This will prevent the players from mining right down to diamond.

As you can see in the official plugin screenshot, an Orebfuscator conceals the various important Minecraft ore blocks to such an extent that even those users having modified clients which allow x-raying will not be able to have their eyes on the goods. Even though some people complain that it is heavy and adds a little lag to the server, I cannot imagine playing without it.


Multiverse is truly a solution to multi-world server management .It has everything you may need.

  • Create worlds from generators or from seeds.
  • Set your game mode per world.
  • Restrict users from going to worlds using permissions.
  • Restrict monsters, animals and other spawns per world.
  • This beautiful bukkit plugin has very many features packed into it.

Since this plugin is a little heavier on resources, I would suggest that you get going with it if you surely need a second world!


WorldEdit can turn a cursor into a virtual paintbrush as the Minecraft world is your canvas. I assume that you know something about the creative mode as most people do. However, this one takes things to a whole new level.

It is possible to smooth a whole mountain within a few seconds. It gives you the ability to copy and paste any areas you wish into a different location. It allows you to choose one chunk radius and restore it from a backup.

It is possible for you to generate any Minecraft biomes automatically. There is a whole lot in this plugin. Although it cuts down the time it takes to build by a tenfold, it can still manage to keep you busy for hours!

There are very many bukkit plugins with quality mentions. However, let us just keep the list short. What about you? I would like to hear about your favorites in the comments section. Oh, I almost forgot just check our Minecraft overview if you have not!

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