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5 Must-Have Productivity Tools

The modern working regime has quite a few rules that we need to understand and follow. With the fast paced environment all around us, the regular working day has become more dynamic and productivity oriented. If you look just several years back, being productive meant how many calls you can make during a day. Well that changed and for the better. Being productive still implicits this fact, but it also implies sending emails, attending meetings, writing reports, updating social media and much more. It is not enough to be just productive, as you need to be a master multitasker in general. And that’s not an easy thing to accomplish.

The thing is — not everyone can be efficient. People tend to give 100% but still do not have satisfactory results. All of us can get lost in responsibilities, often struggling to finish even the smallest tasks. The day became so hectic that it feels like a roller-coaster ride sometimes. And yes, people are getting used to this, but we always seem to be lacking in time.

To master the art of scheduling the daily work and saving precious hours, we must resort to various useful tools that can be found online. While there are tons of tools that are not good enough and can be actually labeled as time-wasting, there is a significant number of those that are actually really helpful. We went looking for the MVPs of online productivity and found these 5 sturdy tools that can help you be more productive at work:


What is TeuxDeux? A simple to-do app is what they say, but it is much more than that. TeuxDeux combines graphic elements with user-friendly interface making it a productivity savior. You just set your to-do schedule and if you don’t manage to finish everything, your to-dos will be transferred to the next day. Among the rest, you can download all your to-dos at any time with a click of a button. If you fancy pen and paper, but like making to-do lists, you will love TeuxDeux.

PDF OCR Converter

A special bookmark place is needed for this productivity tool. With PDF OCR, you can convert scanned PDF documents to completely editable Word files. All that paper laying around your office can be scanned and converted in no time. The tool allows you to easily save and edit all your important papers with no limitations to the file size. Having the integrated advanced OCR technology, everything is 100% accurate. Just try it and we guarantee you’ll love it.

pdf ocr converter - 5 Must-Have Productivity Tools
FREE PDF OCR Converter


Simply put, Rapportive is showing everything you need to know about your LinkedIn contacts right inside your mail. It is a free Chrome extension that allows you to get LinkedIn profiles embedded inside your inbox. Pretty neat and time-saving, don’t you think? You can see your contact’s job, profile picture, company profile, and much more. Maybe this is not the most useful tool in the world, but it can be used in making your daily work way more productive.


We all understand the importance of backing up our personal files, right? One of the biggest fears of the 21st century is realizing your hard drive has crashed and you’ve lost all you data in a matter of seconds. That is why it has become a necessity to backup your files. And here comes Mozy to take care of it all. It is an online backup service where all your files are safely stored in an online environment. More than 6 million users cannot be wrong and is the terms go, better safe than sorry.


We’ve all been in a situation where we had to motivate ourselves to get productive and stop wasting time. And can you remember what usually happens after you try that strategy? Within minutes, you are doing the exact opposite — checking your Twitter, Facebook and watching YouTube videos realizing that you haven’t done any work. StayFocusd, as the name says, helps you stay focused on important work-related things. It increases your productivity by not allowing you to spend huge amount of hours on those time-wasting websites. Just block sites that are distracting you and you are good to go.

These are just some of the tools that can increase your productivity and help you in your daily work. And remember, being productive is not the same as thinking that you are. When you realize this, you are one step ahead. Just keep on walking.

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