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5 Tips for Buying Office Furniture

Buying office furniture can be an exciting task but can also be quite overwhelming. There are so many options available and quite a few factors to consider.

By this stage, you will have an idea of how many staff and managers you will have in the various departments. Do not forget the boardroom and a break room as well as the reception area.

Whether you are buying furniture for a brand-new office or revamping an existing one, here are 5 tips for buying office furniture, read on it will give you some valuable advice, making the process a lot easier.


As with all things in business, you need to work according to a budget. You need to have a clear idea of what you need and in what quantities. Leave a little bit of a contingency for anything you might forget or for future growth. Get a few approximate prices of the required furniture and determine a budget. Now that you have worked that out, you will want to select the best quality furniture available within your budget.


It is essential that you measure and plan the floor layout before selecting the furniture.  Space will be always being limited to some extent and if the desks you select do not fit, you will have a major problem on your hands. Look not only at the desks that you require but also other items that will take up space such as office equipment, filing cabinets and storage areas.

You do not want the desks to be right on top of each other as staff need room to get in and out and move around. Give some thought to draws and credenzas as well.

The better your planning is upfront, the less hassle you will have later and the easier the choice of furniture will be. If you are in any doubt, do a detailed plan on graph paper with desks cut out to scale and work it out that way.


You want to furniture to look good and come at a good price but the comfort of your employees is extremely important. They will be spending a large amount of time at their desks and if you expect happy, productive staff, make sure they are comfortable.

Ensure the furniture is ergonomically designed. This will reduce work-related injuries and stress, reducing strain, headaches and pain. Chairs need to work well with the desks and need to be adjustable according to the size and height of the person using it.  Workplace related aches and pains are a major cause of absenteeism and will lead to low morale in the office.

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Now that you have the important and practical aspects under control, it is time to have a bit of fun. The appearance of your office is a direct reflection of your company and ultimately you so you want to make sure it looks great.

The first thing you need to consider is the existing colour schemes, fixtures and layout. Take into account the wall colours and blinds or curtains as well. You do not want the furniture to clash with the general feel of the space. Try to keep the look consistent throughout.  Be careful when selecting colours and enlist the help of someone more experienced if you lack confidence in this regard. You do not want to be too conservative and make the office look bland and dull; by the same token, you do not want it to look like kids play room. Go for subtle, elegant choices if in doubt.

A neat, good looking office will also instil a sense of pride in the employees, making them proud to work at the company. It will be good for staff retention and productivity.


Select finishes, colours and fabrics that are easy to keep clean. It is no good getting great office furniture that starts looking dirty and shabby after a few weeks. Take the time and effort to ensure it is cleaned regularly.

Provided you give it some thought and planning beforehand, buying office furniture will not be such a challenging task. Take heed of the ideas above and you can’t go wrong.

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