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5 Types of Green Tech that will Revolutionize the World

With climate change, water shortage, and environmental pollution in the background, our only hope is green technology for a secure future. The World Count reveals that every hour witnesses a loss of 1,692 acres of productive land to desert. Nearly 27% of the coral reefs have become victim to human destruction. The remaining 60% will only take 30 years to vanish as a result of our activities that add to water pollution.

Over and above that, 1 billion mammals and birds die annually by ingesting plastic that doesn’t end up in recycling bins. Clean technology harbors a modest aim to correct the human wrongs done to our environment. The objective is to save finite resources before they run out entirely, leaving the human race to deal with a new round of fresh problems.

Here is a look at five types of promising green tech that will revolutionize the world:

Vertical Farming

A booming population and limited land for arable farming are strong reasons encouraging environmental scientists to worry about feeding people. The population pointers are projected to hit the 8.5 billion mark by 2030. The UN DESA report sees this number rising further still. It will reach 9.7 billion and 11.2 billion by 2050 and 2100, respectively.

Additionally, an estimated 70% increase in food production is predicted to satisfy the rising population. Vertical farming is the clean tech that looks promising enough to do the trick. It entails growing crops hydroponically with plants stacked atop one another and grown under artificial light.

This indoor farming will produce more food and at a faster pace than traditional farming. A case in point is Japan’s indoor farm that produces 10,000 lettuce heads every day. This yield results in 80% less food wastage, and 99% less water requirement relative to its outdoor counterpart.

These farms boast a list of eco-friendly benefits too. These include reduced use of fossil fuels that are needed for running pollutant-emitting tractors. It also limits the use of harmful pesticides and water, gets rid of agricultural run-off, and produces crops throughout the year. Such a future farm also helps utilize the space available in empty buildings.

Solar Power

Solar power is heralded as the clean-tech that will brighten our future. It is championed for cutting back carbon emission and saving finite resources that the planet is steadily losing. In the recent years, the growth of this tech has increased by leaps and bounds. Two-thirds of solar power capacity has been installed since 2011.

As per research by Green Tech Media (GTM), the US installed a photovoltaic system in every 20 seconds as of 2016. This expansion in the use of solar power is significant, as in 2006, a photovoltaic system used to be installed in every 80 minutes. Initiatives like scoop.solar contribute further to the development and infiltration of solar energy.

Moreover, the solar installation will see a revolutionizing shift with the introduction of solar roof tiling. Tesla’s chief executive, Elon Musk, has only recently started work on these tiles that share looks with common roof tiles.

The tiles will showcase a wide range of colors and shapes. As per Tesla’s claims, these will cost less as compared with typical roof tiles. The solar tiles will cost $21.85 per square foot rather than the standard price of $24.50. These tiles offer improved insulation, cost less, last longer, and will also generate electricity.

Green Burial

A green burial aims to help you pursue efforts to save the environment even after you taste the sand. The chief intent is a sustainable burial, whereby, the coffin is made of a biodegradable casket. A tree will be planted above each body that will be buried in such a green coffin called Capsula Mundi.

The burial pod will become a source of nutrients for the growing plant as the body degrades over time. The National Funeral Directors Association indicates that the average cost of a funeral stands at more than $6,500. However, a green burial is less costly.

On top of it, the sustainable burial is a good solution to combat the present method of burial. The conventional burial is characterized with chemical-enriched and carbon-intensive methods.

There is another approach to green burial. This includes taking the ashes and inserting them as reef balls. These can help repair the damage done to the coral ecosystem. There are only a few green cemeteries in the US with a larger number of 200 in Great Britain.

Innovative wind energy generation

Wind energy is a renewable source of energy. It has been in the energy generation landscape for quite some time now, but it aims to revolutionize the future with two new innovative approaches.

Firstly, the new turbine designs are making waves. Iceland’s ‘Savonius vertical axis wind turbine’ showcases a durable design and produces more energy than its counterparts. Likewise, NewWind, a French company has come up with a new wind product named Tree Vent, which functions in a low-wind environment. It pairs good looks with efficiency, and both of these options are designed for residential use.

Hence, long gone are the days of large turbine structures that only churned electricity for fields. Secondly, offshore wind power generation is also advancing. Cape Wind was commended as US’s first offshore wind project, but it faced financial hurdles that resulted in its demise.

The efforts have been successful in other countries. The Fukushima Forward project in Japan has three turbines that show a 14 MW energy capacity. At the same time, Scotland’s commercial offshore wind farm, termed Hywind, is showcasing 65% capacity factor in the past months. Such prevailing projects provide a glimpse of how useful this green tech will be in transforming the future.

Power Analyzer Software

This clean-tech initiative comes with the objective of improving electrical efficiency. The power analyzer software assists in monitoring your power distribution. It allows you to pinpoint power issues in your tech so that you can avoid any premature failures of motors, controllers, drives, and more.

The data is collected round the clock and is transferred to your router via a data hub. Cloud-based servers analyze it to suggest a way to make energy usage efficient. An excess amount of energy is wasted daily. The US economy churns out an energy waste that ranges between 61-86%.

Businesses and residential units in the country spend $130 billion on wasted energy annually. The power analyzing tech aims to prevent this wastage though. It can be used to make everyday applications like water and heating system more energy efficient. In this way, the clean-tech can help limit energy wastage and reduce electricity usage.

Final word

All in all, these green technologies will work to change the future dramatically. Solar and wind power generation are witnessing substantial changes that will contribute to a cleaner environment. Moreover, the power analyzer software will focus on preventing energy wastage. Green burial and vertical farming will assist further in the domain of green living.

Author Bio:

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