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5 Ways Information Technology in Construction is More Important Than Ever

There was once a time when IT and construction didn’t mix. Now, information technology in construction is absolutely vital. Here’s why.

The construction industry in the United States is a 1.73 trillion dollar industry. With so much money at stake, it is only natural that a switch towards technology was inevitable.

In the past, this industry was considered one of the least likely to embrace information technology. However, all of this is changing as the construction industry has started to embrace all the benefits that can be gained from the inclusion of technology.

Here is a deeper look at why including information technology in construction is now a must if you want your construction project to progress smoothly.

Project Management Software

Computer-based project management is one of the best ways to ensure that everything is going according to plan on a construction site.

The fact is that project management software makes it easy to organize the different aspects of a project. One of the biggest benefits is the management of time and the resources available to complete the project.

You can use cloud services such as those offered by Preactive IT Solutions to host your project management software.

Management of Mobile Devices

When trying to complete a construction project communication is essential. Having information technology at your fingertips makes it a whole lot easier to communicate effectively.

With tablets and smartphones, messages are instant on a construction site. Reports can be done and sent off faster. Video conferencing is also possible and this can help to keep the managers of a project in touch with each other whether they are on site or not.

Upgrade and Share Designs

Project collaboration tools are available that can be integrated with any designs for the project. This makes it easy for builders to make adjustments to drawings and publish them. Subcontractors can then have access to these updates quickly.

This not only cuts down on time but also makes the whole process paperless. Papers can become damaged but with project collaboration tools design updates can be saved and backed up to prevent loss.

Building Information Modeling(BIM)

All the tech blogs about construction indicate there is a growing technological trend towards using digital 3D design. This includes a new process that is called Building Information Modeling (BIM). BIM involves housing information about a building project in one 3D model.

In order to access immediate information about different aspects of the design, builders will now have to access this 3D model on a consistent basis. This means that there is no getting away from the need to have a computer on hand at all times to access this 3D model at every phase of construction.

Final Thoughts on Information Technology in Construction

There is no getting away from the fact that the use of information technology in construction is here to stay. The best thing you can do is to investigate how to integrate it into your business. If you don’t you risk becoming out of touch with the pulse of what is happening and this will make your business irrelevant fast.

At the very least you should be using cloud services and collaborating with any subcontractors online. This makes communication fast and efficient.

If you would like IT help for your construction business, please contact us.

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