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6 Tips for Building an SEO + UX-Minded Main Navigation

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Curating an effective website could be onerous. One needs to delve into the details for the implementation of the right elements to create the impeccable experience. Where do you start from? The simple techniques that could be adopted – enhancement of the existing site create better content structure, picturesque content importance to crawling search engines.

One of the most important among the lot has been your website navigation. It serves to showcase the important role of a website.

What your Website’s Functionality?

  • Connecting user from landing page to conversion
  • Let the information seeker land on the resourceful content
  • Providing for a better pathway for crawling search engines.

No matter which features you are willing to enhance for the main navigation for your website, with the incorporation of the right navigation facility and proper SEO services, you will be entitled to a successful tomorrow. There needs to be simplification done to your main navigation construction.

Thus, the main question is How will you be able to bring together an SEO + UX-Minded Main Navigation?

Here are the key steps 

Google Analytics User Flow

Before delving into the concept of the search engines, the important thing that you need to know at the first place is how the main navigation functions on your website. You will be able to find the right source of SEO techniques along with main navigation. Venturing through the Google Analytics profile will let you fetch the information of the process of navigation to Users Flow within the Audience segment.

In the first place, you will want to view the common user pathways on the site. Gradually, you will be able to find the procedure post which you need to develop an advanced segment. This is done to record the visits transforming to conversion or transaction.

And finally, once the advanced segment is implemented, it is time to curate a segment for viewing the non-convertors. This will need the formulation of a new advanced segment which is needed only to view visits.


The thing that we did before with Google Analytics is the last exercise to fetch the details and information on the analytical insight into common user journey behaviors. After the first stage, it is time to head to the next level. This is done with the use of heat map data.

This will further, help you to understand where the click is actually happening. Like, is it from the desktop or it is through the mobile users. Apart from the same, you will be able to track the record of the mouse activity. Once you have your research, it will further make it easier for you to understanding user behavior. This is the commencement of showcasing the important insights on the links or main navigations elements that you should keep.

Anchor Text

In a perfect world, your audience ought to new about the service that you are offering with an eye-catching name. In the first place itself, this will not be the result. It is better to speak to your professionals at the best SEO company in India to implement the services and products with full description in the main navigation link anchor text.

It will not only help the search engines but also the website users to hunt for the specific keyword or services that you are going to present with. Curate the right methodology for naming your product or services that will come on the keyword search and search results. Another thing that you could opt for is to understand your customer requirements and the need for the services that is how easily you will be able to reach them.

Understanding the Basics of SEO

While on-page keyword needs are covered through anchor text, the main navigation SEO should implement technicality. Or in simpler word, understand the importance of the crawling of search engines. Popular search engines like Google and Bing follow the process of crawling and indexing JavaScript. In case you have robot.txt that does not include JavaScript, navigation becomes difficult.

The best pathway is to make sure that the construction of the navigation is done in HTML format. Maintaining the life of a website, URLs are redirected. Some of the important factors which are not taken into consideration are that there is a need to update navigation for linking it directly to its current URLs.

If you tend to force the crawl engine to redirect without a process might lead to slowing down of the crawl speed. To access the same, make use of the Chrome extension Check My Links. It will help in redirecting links existing in your main navigation.

Linked Pages

As we have ventured through the process of acquiring the record and user-specific data, it is time for shifting the focus to SEO. Within the link section of Google Search Console, you will come across Internal Links. You will be able to garner Google’s report on the frequency on how you will be able to link it directly to the internal site pages.

Before implementing the feature, you will get a clear idea of the internal pages that you are linking to the main navigation. The report will further alert you if you re already linking heavily in other navigation instances.

If you are coming across ample internal links for the pages which are least important, you should omit to place it in the main navigation. But it gets to remain in the footer or internal secondary navigation factors.

Ranking Ideology

By now, you already have the idea that the more you link to the site content, there will be an enhanced portrayal site hierarchy. The page gets highlighted to the search engines.

Once you get through reviewing all of your top organic search engine rankings, you will be able to understand the different sectional or the hierarchical gaps. Linking more to such internal sections will portray the importance of a search engine.


Final Words

The above-mentioned factors will give you a clear idea in the potential main navigation audit. So, if you are looking forward to not lose out on the collaboration of SEO and UX efficiency, it is high time to seek the help of SEO experts. You need to understand your organic traffic, customer base, as well as importance, acquire through crawling of search engines.

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