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6 Tools for Multi-Platform App Mobile Development Developers Should Know

Mobile apps are now perhaps one of the highest stakeholders keeping the technology industry alive. When smartphones were slowly taking over the world about a decade prior to now, there were very few who foresaw the unprecedented success and they would
eventually have.

Today, you can get everything from coffee to a new remote controlled helicopter delivered to your work desk courtesy mobile applications.

Nowadays, app builders are some of the most highly sought, paid and most head-hunted professionals in the industry.  If you want to be in their place, check out the list we have compiled below!


When we are talking multi-platform mobile app development, PhoneGap needs to be mentioned. This one offers you a plethora of plus points including making monetary transfers using the apps built into your phone. It helps you to develop hybrid apps and these can be used on platforms like Blackberry and iOS. This also doesn’t record too many personal details on your device.

Personal choices are meant to be kept personal – like what you do in terms of Induction Select.


Another name noted in app development circles for its performance driven results, Xamarin is a platform where you can develop mobile apps and actually test their efficiency before you use them. Also, about three fourths of the apps developed on this platform can be transferred through systems. The only glitch might be how some users might face compatibility problems.


This is a famous app development utility second to only a few in its arena. The chief advantage it has is the availability of ample test gear in the forms of data models, chains and links. This helps you build prototypes for testing and learning. It also comes with pre-developed connecting facilities. The only drawback might be its bulk.

Sencha Touch

Another application that has many uses is Sencha Touch. This is a tool that supports a very wide range of platforms including iOS, Blackberry and others. It also has a large collection of thematic designs for different set-ups, and follows the integrated functioning of PhoneGap.

Codename One

The main feature of this one might be how convenient its usage is. It is lightweight and is therefore fast and efficient, to the delight of seasoned coders. The only downfall might be the display options which are better in its contemporaries. Also, the lightweight design makes it a little unsuitable for heavier, bulkier and more demanding projects.


This is a highly evolved and elegant code making device which runs very smooth on platforms like iOS while letting you make use of your native C languages. This also lends you access to a lot of APIs while still executing functions in the C language. The downside to this one is a lot like the case with car brands apart from Maruti – guide is not always available at hand. For information on similar things, the most extensive source is the Internet and Monocross makes application building much easier.

Mobile app development has a lot of future to see in the techie counterpart of today’s world, that is, if it does not end up becoming the entirety of that world. If you are someone looking for a foray into the very same, look no further!

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