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7 Things To Consider When Searching for The Right Managed Services Provider

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At one point of the company’s existence, each business owner starts thinking about selecting managed services. The majority of companies that decide to delegate some of their tasks chooses managed IT support. However, other managed services, from security to cleaning, are also highly useful.

If you’ve made a decision to sign a contract with managed service providers, you need to spend some time figuring out if the company is right for you.

In this article, we’re listing top things to look for in a managed service provider, regardless of the type of work it is planning to do for you.

How Available Is The Provider?

Even if your office doesn’t work 24/7, you may require round-the-clock services. So if you are hiring an IT specialist, you should make sure the company is ready to offer support at any time. The same is true for security professionals.

When you are signing a contract with a company that offers managed services, pay special attention to the availability. Even if it is ready to provide support 24/7, the cost for such work is usually higher than during office hours. You’ll probably get an opportunity to choose the round-the-clock option. Make sure to get a clear idea of how much it costs.

What Is The Response Time?

How quickly can a specialist respond to your problem? Whether it’s a cyber-attack or a computer breakdown, can you expect the specialist to arrive on site within an hour or two? Or perhaps you’d have to wait 24 hours? Or maybe the company offers solely remote services?

In many cases, a quick response can make a difference between a good outcome and a disaster. That’s why it’s better to opt for managed services that give you a personal manager. This way you won’t have to wait on hold for hours or go through the rounds of being forwarded to call centers.

Another thing to consider is the proximity of the managed service provider’s office. Is it located on the same street, in the same neighborhood, in the same city? The closer your provider’s headquarters are, the more likely you are to enjoy a quick response time.

Regardless of the location, managed service providers can guarantee a certain response time. Choose the company, the speed of which satisfies your requirements.

Do They Offer Budget Planning?

When you are looking for a managed service provider, you can expect to receive information about your upcoming expenses. This is especially important for managed IT support services. According to experts at Precise IT, professional managers should offer assistance with technology planning.

The company should provide advice and expertise to help you with budget planning. When choosing the right company for your needs, you can ask about such an option. An expert service provider should care for your business needs and help you with work optimization.

Is Disaster Recovery Planning in the Package?

A disaster recovery plan is something each company should pay special attention to. Does the provider you are about to work with develop disaster recovery plans? What if there is a storm, tornado, earthquake or an all-encompassing hack attack? How can you keep your data safe?

Even if you already have a disaster recovery plan, the managed service provider should inspect it thoroughly and change it to suit the latest changes in the company as well as adopt it to new technologies.

Make sure that disaster recovery planning is part of the services you are paying for.

Does The Company Have Third-Party Vendor Partnerships?

When you sign a contract with a managed service company, you expect to enjoy the assistance of different specialists. This saves you plenty of time trying to find the right experts for each specific case.

While interviewing the provider, find out which companies they work with. Do they have several third-party vendor partnerships? Or are they trying to handle work on their own? Once you get a list of partners, you may want to check out each one of them to ensure they meet your needs.

What About Security?

Computer and network security is among the top matters which should be dealt with by a managed IT support provider. With the number of cyber-attacks being on the rise, each company is working hard to protect its informational assets. What type of security does the provider you are about to hire offer?

The security services may not be part of the basic plan provided by the company. Make sure that cybersecurity is on the list when signing a contract.

Does The Provider Have Experience with Similar Companies?

Managed services differ from company to company. Sometimes the number and type of services provided can be drastically different. Does the provider have experience working with companies like yours?

No matter how excellent the company is, if it hasn’t worked with similar businesses before, it may not be the right choice for you. Look at the provider’s past and existing clients to figure out if it has the proper experience. While doing that, you can ask for references.

Final Thoughts

Managed service providers should offer a wide variety of options, including quick response times, excellent availability, disaster recovery planning, cybersecurity, and much more. If you aren’t sure the company has all it takes to conquer your tasks, consider other candidates. Today, the choice is wide.

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