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 7 Tools to  Increase User Engagement on Your Website

Having a business website is more a necessity than trend now a days. People use the internet to do many things every day and the habit is increasing; so should your online presence. The Internet has brought a huge change in the marketing strategies of the businesses. Now, having a website is considered as a key factor in marketing and promotions. It is one of the most effective ways to reach the maximum number of audience.

Engaging your website users is a very important factor to make the maximum benefits from your online presence. If you are not abale to engage the visitors on your website then you are losing potential customers. You can use some of the user engagement tools and ensure an impressive engagement on your site. It will surely help you to increase your customer base.
Let us have a look on some of the tools which are esigned to increase the user engagement :


WebEngage is a powerful tool that can be used to increase the user engagement. It is a multi-channel user engagement programme. It helps the businesses to gather customer insight using laser targeted surveys. You can use push, email, in-app, on-site, text messaging to engage users.
You can get a response from visitors like, those who spend less than 60 seconds on your website, first-time visitors, those who come via Google search and so on. You can make these customizations with the help of its rule builder.


Hubspot is an effective tool which can help in captivating the users. It is an inbound marketing and sales tool. This platform provides you the access to SEO, CRM, and analytics tools to engage the users. It attracts the users with ebooks, blog posts and help in generating leads for your business. The most important factor of its inbound marketing is its free online tools.


FanPlayr is another such tool you can use to maximize the user engagement. It can help you in converting the visitors into customers by its real-time targeting with messages and offers. It acts on real-time customer insights. It enables you to add campaigns to your website. It empowers you with the thorough testing capabilities to ensure that all the campaigns of your company are running well. It provides the built-in integration to the facebook and twitter to increase the user engagement.

Sprout Social

Sprout Social is a social media management tool. It helps you to increase your social media presence. It simplyfies your social media strategys. It brings all the messages from different profiles into a single stream to make it easy to manage them. It provides you with the social media analytics. You can identify your best content collectively from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Google+ all in one place keeping the count of clicks, reach and engagement.



Uservoice is an all in one product management tool. It makes it easy for you to collect the feedback and understand the demand of the users to improve the features of your product or service. It is designed in a way that it provides growth to your business as it keeps the user experience on top priority. It allows the users to register their complaints, suggestions, and opinions, which you can collect and manage in one platform and keeps the users engaged.

Social Login

It is a platform which allows the visitors to signup on your website with their preferred social media accounts like facebook, twitter , Linkedin etc. It helps the users to avoid filling out a lengthy form. It enables you to connect your website with the visitors social media account. One more benefit of using it is that most of the times you get the right information about the visitor and helps you to filter a potential customer. It is really helpful in increasing the user engagement of your site.


It is a real-time personalization platform. Its advanced analytics features enable you to track the source, behavior, and intent of every visitor on your website. It is a cloud-based platform which does not require any coding and makes it easy for you manage all the campaigns.

Engaging new users is a crucial factor in building your brand awareness. It is a big challange that every business owner faces. Everyone dreams of more and more visitors to their site to create a large customer base. There are so many things you do with your website to attract the visitors like a good design, impressive functionality etc. One more thing you can add to your efforts is to use an effective user engagement tool.


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