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8 Tech Jobs That Are Set to Grow in 2020

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The continuous evolution of technology created jobs that never even existed in the last century. Specialized workers and professionals in the field of computer science, web development, digital marketing, and information technology are set to enjoy high demands and better pay as more industries rely on these types of jobs to thrive in the marketplace.

Whether you are a college student about to pick a degree, or if you find yourself wanting to shift careers, here are 8 lucrative tech jobs that are set to grow in 2020.

Business Intelligence Analysts

Business intelligence analysts are required to have knowledge in creating online databases and interpreting analytics. Companies who are hiring business analysts prefer graduates with a major in computer science, information technology or computer engineering. These analysts either work for a single company or hired as a freelancer outsourced by a large corporation to interpret a business’s market potential. The gathering of data and making informed decisions on these insights help increase the company’s profit and improve their services and products over the course of time.

Data Scientist

A business intelligence analyst assists a company in understanding data gathered and predicting patterns for business growth, the data scientist is involved in gathering the information needed by the business analyst. Whether through the installation of automated services, and sorting these types of information in a single database, the data scientist is responsible for accumulating, organizing and helping the business intelligence analyst for the company’s growth. Data scientists deal heavily with numbers, so a degree in math, information science, or engineering is pertinent.

Database Developer

Any company that wishes to organize its consumer data would hire a database developer. Databases are made for companies to sort data, log additional information efficiently, and for simultaneous analysis. Hospital records, call recordings, invoices and other information should be contained in an accessible database created by this developer. Someone who has experience in Microsoft SQL, or Oracle is ideal for this position.

Support Technician

Although there is an increased use of automated customer support in most businesses, there are some concerns which cannot be addressed specifically by these technology advances. If there are specific questions to be asked, the help of a support technician is needed. They are the front liners when it comes to troubleshooting, specific inquiries and other forms of assistance needed by the customer. A person who wishes to work as a support technician must have at least an associate’s degree and efficient communication skills.

Network Administrator

The Network Administrator fulfills the role of ensuring that LAN/WAN protocols of a business is in good shape, as well as its software and hardware components. Connectivity is highly valuable to most operating business, and a lot of money is lost when there is an event of network failure. A Network Administrator should be able to troubleshoot possible problems and prevent these from happening in the future. Most Network Administrators have a degree in computer science or information technology, and may need to work occasionally in off-hours.

Data security administrator

One of the biggest concerns that came with the advancements in technology is data security. Since more information is placed in databases and in webspace, users are prone to issues such as identity theft, fraud, and security breach. To prevent this, a data security administrator is essential to any company that collects personal information. They handle information about customers, employees, passwords, and all other highly classified data which are needed to be kept secure 24/7.

System Administrator

The system administrator is responsible for keeping the company’s software and hardware components intact. Some business makes use of a specific software to do their business such as investment companies, hospitals, and schools. When there are problems that occur within the company’s software or hardware, the system administrator steps in and does the work to make sure that everything is in place. A graduate with a degree in IT or computer science is most preferred, who has strong analytical and problem solving skills.

IT Architect

Another job overlooked but is highly in-demand is the need for IT architect. Architects would usually make blueprints by hand and create 3d models using physical materials. However, the shift in technology required architects who are specialized in IT skills as well. The IT architect will be overseeing the construction project as a whole and providing a problem-proof design with the help of analytical skills. With the current development of trends such as the blockchain technology and digitization of businesses, more companies are hiring people who are in the tech industry. There is great opportunity in these fields and if you are someone who has a passion in learning more about technology, these are the career paths you should consider in 2018.

Summit Shah is a specialist in integrating tech and business solutions for companies he has worked with. With over 20 business consulting under his belt, he provided assistance in marketing, research, product development, and consumer feedback. For more information about Mr. Shah, visit his website at http://summitshahtech.com.

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