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A Guide to Designing Your First eCommerce Store

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The digital world means that more people than ever can realize their dream of owning and operating a store of their own.

Whether you have a passion for bringing your local community a type of product or service, or you are an artisan yourself that dreams of selling your products to the masses, there are so many ways you can succeed online.

The first hurdle to this success, however, is setting up your eCommerce business website. There are many steps you must take to transform a domain name into a unique storefront that will sell, sell, sell, and for that, you will need to follow this guide:

Know Your Brand’s Identity

Know who you are, what you value, and what you want to do for the world. Knowing this and being very firm on this brand identity is how you will get your message and aesthetics right. A picture can tell a thousand words, or so the saying goes, but you will need that picture to tell the right story in order to succeed.

Choose the Right Branding

The right branding will use different images and colors in order to convey who you are in a split second. It is how you will attract your demographic and how you will create a unique look that will tell users it is your company page they are on whether they are visiting your website, store, or social media page.

Picking Your Domain Name

In most cases, your domain name will simply be your company name, but for those of you whose company name has already been taken, there are a few options. You can use an abbreviation, or choose a different end. Instead of .com, for example, you can use your local country code or a more unique one to get people to you.

What You Need to Know About Setting Up Your First Website

There is a lot to know about setting up your first website.

Here are some of the top bits of information you need before you get started:


All stores should use third-party hosting. It is how you will have full customizing rights to what theme you use and how you grow.

Choosing a Theme

You can choose a website or eCommerce theme, but first, you will need to choose the right platforms. WordPress is one of the most common content management systems, and BigCommerce is a very popular eCommerce platform.

Having it Set Up

You can have everything, from your website to your store, set up professionally by marketing specialists like blackbeltcommerce.com. They have all the know-how needed to transform your BigCommerce store into something unique, beautiful, and ready to sell on a large scale. By wasting less time setting up this critical component of your company, you can launch with success.

How to Make Your Online Store a Success

To make your site into a success, you will need to ensure it is easy to use, has a great home page, and is secure. Everything from there will depend on your SEO and marketing efforts, so work on perfecting those.

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