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Amazon Affiliate Review – Everything You Need to Know

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There are many marketing methods and techniques that are exclusive to the digital world. Every year that the internet exists, new digital marketing techniques are developed. Also, every existing technique is improved upon. One very popular digital marketing method is affiliate marketing.

When first getting started with affiliate marketing, it may seem confusing or daunting to figure out how everything works. Thankfully, the process is actually quite simple. The more you understand about the process, the easier it is to achieve a great marketing campaign. If you would like to learn more about affiliate marketing, read on for a compilation of information detailing affiliate marketing.

What exactly is affiliate marketing?

There are two sides to an affiliate marketing campaign. First, is the company searching for more traffic to their site? The second is the outlet that the first company reaches out to, aka the affiliate.

The process here is quite simple. The first step is for the first company to reach out to other companies, bloggers, and associated websites.

The second step comes after another company, blogger, etc. agrees to work with the first. After the agreement, an ad for the first company is placed on the web page of the second. This ad becomes a link, a portal if you will to the first company. For every new click, every journey from the ad to the first company’s website, the second company receives payment from the first.

One important aspect of essentially everything involving the internet is “cookies“. Obviously, this is not a reference to the delicious baked goods that is often paired with milk, cookie. This type of cookie is a type of storage. There are several types of cookies all over the entirety of the internet. Have you ever wondered how websites remember what you put in your “cart”? Wonder how your password is stored when you click the little “remember me” box? How about when you search for something and then after visiting a few sites you start to see all manner of ads related to your initial search? All of these things are accomplished using cookies.

However, there are a great many uses for cookies and affiliate marketing requires several different types. One type of cookie used in affiliate marketing keeps track of each time an affiliate ad is clicked. Others keep track of where the ad is placed so the hosting site can be properly rewarded for each click. More still keep track of the types of users that click on the ads as well as the types of users visiting each of the affiliate sites. There are several acronyms associated with different types of cookies, SID, AID, PID. It is not vital to have a complete understanding of what each and every one of these means to run or host a successful affiliate marketing campaign. As a basis to work off of, however, SID means shoppers ID (identification), AID is Ad ID, and PID means Publisher Website ID.

Affiliate marketing benefits

An affiliate marketing campaign is incredibly beneficial to both parties involved. Once an ad has been placed, it drives traffic and sales for the company that the ad is for. On the other side of the campaign, the hosting site is rewarded for all new traffic and sales generated by the ad. This way, both parties get something out of the campaign and there is really no effort involved on either side. The only necessity is for the initial company to create a special and creative ad with all of the necessary information, tags, and tracking information. Then, the hosting site embeds the ad onto a page of their website. The rest, as they say, is history. As a general rule, companies have a specific department or outsourced service create the ads for them, but that is not always the case, particularly for small businesses.

Creating affiliate marketing ads

If your company is in need of someone to create affiliate marketing ads, there are several routes to take. If you need assistance, you can learn it yourself, or hire an in-house marketing professional.

If you are considering hiring a freelancer, there are a quite a few portals on the internet through which to find one. There are freelancing hubs such as UpWork, Freelancer, Guru, and Fiverr, as well as several others. There are also many freelancers that work directly from their own website. The main difference here is generally a difference in the budget. Freelancers who do use the hubs such as Freelancer generally charge more for their services than do those who only work through the hubs. Though that is not always the case. Also, each hub has its own set of rules and regulations for contracts and payments and the hub generally takes a percentage of the contract fee. There are fantastic freelancers to be found both ways.

Affiliate marketing is one of the biggest players in the field of digital marketing. It should be a part of any company’s repertoire. Hopefully, this article has been helpful in understanding what affiliate marketing is and how it works. Being the hosting site is a fantastic way for smaller sites and bloggers to make some passive income. Few things in life are as easy as hosting an affiliate marketing ad and earning money for some of the traffic you are trying to pull into your site anyway. As with anything, there are reviews for popular affiliates. To find an affiliate review, a simple web search will turn up what you are looking for.

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