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Are You Always Afraid of Losing Your AirPods Pro? Check Out These 5 Tips

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When you decide to cash out a significant amount of money ($249 to be exact) for a must-have Apple accessorize which is the AirPods Pro, you certainly want to take very good care of them.

Wireless means freedom. But wireless also means an increased risk of damage and no-strings keeping your earbuds in place. So first you have to ensure no damage comes to your AirPods Pro by placing them in a protective case. Unfortunately, a cute AirPods case won’t prevent every AirPods Pro owner´s worst nightmare from becoming a reality – losing them!

So is there something you can do to prevent that from happening?

Of course there is! There is a number of steps you can take to make sure your AirPods Pro don´t join hundreds of those getting lost, along with their charging cases.

Set Up ‘Find My’

Before you go and splurge on cute accessorizes for your favorite accessory, you have to prepare yourself for the possible event of losing your phone, no matter how dreary that feels. A quick and easy set up in Find My app under Devices might just save the day if you do end up misplacing them.

Use Ear Hooks

It might look and feel funny, but this AirPods Pro accessory is definitely worth it. These silicone hooks are attached to your AirPods and wrapped around your ear, making them fit nicely and securely. They come especially handy if you´re an active person and do sports, like running or hiking – no more having to keep pushing them back into your ears.

Attach your AirPods to yourself

Since AirPods Pro needs to be recharged every so often, you will have to carry their charging case as well. Why not get an AirPods case with a carabiner, which you can hook up to your bag, belt loop, keychain, etc? This will greatly reduce the risk of your charging case and therefore your AriPods Pro getting lost. You can check AirPods cases here.

A Strap

Even though probably the main characteristic of AirPods Pro is that they´re wireless, people invented an AirPods strap. This is an elastic cord that connects the two earpods, just like the regular airphones. It seems that the fear of losing AirPods is far greater than the wireless hype. So if you´re one of those that can´t imagine their day without their AirPods Pro, you can strap them and continue enjoying the high-quality sound they offer.

Tag Them

If you do end up losing your AirPods Pro, you can at least do everything to make sure they could be found. Find My app is useful but only if they´re not out of battery. So when technology fails you, go back to traditional ways. Just like you would put a tag on your dog, you can print out a label tag with your contact information and place it on your case, as well as each of the AirPods. It does cost $69 to replace just one of them.

By Kristina Radovic

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