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Are you monitoring your IT systems well enough?

It can be a worry. At the back of your mind there’s a little niggle. You’re missing things. Those alerts never stop coming. You can cope with them, sure, but you know things could be better. Separating the important messages that could have a serious impact on the business from routine alerts is a real challenge. It’s time to take stock and review your monitoring requirements.

Automated operations and consistent monitoring is fundamental to the health of your business. You need automated data collection for your historical performance reporting and trend analyses. You need to monitor performance, jobs, critical processes, business applications, ERP software, users, log files, CPU, memory, storage and so much more. You could do with help, and there’s plenty of it out there.

A company such as Halcyon Software cover all these bases. They are a good example of the type of company that not only provides technologies for IT performance monitoring that is easy to deploy, user-friendly and multi-capable of monitoring multiple platforms and operating systems. They can in time become a strong, dependable partner for your business and help to deliver that first-rate support you need.

Whatever your operating system whether, you need to monitor Windows, AIX, Linux or IBM i Power Systems, then a specialist systems management software company like Halcyon are just the people to advise and help. Their solutions are natively written and developed specifically for the operating system you’re using. Native solutions allow you to drill-down adept of detail necessary to understand why a particular process, job or event has failed. This allows you to quickly resolve the issue and put in place automatic response mechanisms using the software so that these problems do not occur again.

Such automated solutions to IT performance monitoring also ensure your core business systems are always available around the clock preventing costly downtime and optimising the best use of your resources. Helping you to reduce your operational costs should be the raison d’être for appraising your system monitoring and by taking expert advice, as well as deploying some systems management software should help you achieve your objectives for cost saving.

Controlling and avoiding a flood of alerts from a vast and diverse range of IT systems and processes could lead information overload and can seem to be a daunting task. The best way forward to keep users happy and your business systems running smoothly is to invest in expert advice, and a robust and scalable automation solution to monitor alerts and manage all processes but also by automating as much as you can.

If this article has focused your mind on taking the first step towards making a significant improvement in monitoring your systems then that has to be a good thing. If you have any comments or questions then feel free to post them in the comments box below.

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