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Augmented Reality Apps with Vuforia

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Vuforia. Why you should use it. Overview and analyze.

As we told before, Vuforia is an instrumental platform of augmented reality, which helps you to reconstitute current objects into 3D models. Beta testing of definition shows that it has good capacity and has good reviews from users. Platform works on Windows, OS X, Android, IOS and Linux. You could use Vuforia with old versions of the soft and not worry about its upgrade.

However, why you should use just this platform of augmented reality? There are many other good applications with the same options or better. To be honest, Vuforia isn`t the newest program in there sphere, but people are still using it. Why?

Easy to use

In some cases, people face problems of unhandy interface (there are some unknown functions, strange commands, hard algorithms etc.). While working with Vuforia, you do not face the same problems. It seems that developers had considered it and made an easy interface with good navigation. Words and phrases are well printed and understandable for users. There is no long descriptions or strange commands.

Available for all

Some great applications have good reviews from the customers. Nevertheless, some of them are unavailable for people who has the old version of soft or old device, which could not launch this platform or application. Vuforia developers made their platform approachable for old soft like Windows 7, which do not have updates. Vuforia also need a little space on device so you can download it without any worrying about how much memory left on your laptop or smartphone.

Smarter than you thought

Very often people wrote bad reviews on applications they use because of small amount of functions. It could be needed size or format, ability of working with some kind of files or something more sophisticated. Vuforia has all you need for work: formats of files, ability to use VR eyewear (very often it`s important). Moreover, this platform can identify voice commands, so you can work noncontact.

While surfing the internet, we can see that Vuforia is very popular and many people are working with it. There are hundreds of forums dedicated to the platform. People are giving advices and telling about smart ways of working. Vuforia is and will remain on of the best application of its kind.

With every new update Vuforia developers show us that they are on the way of making new progressive system for designers and creators.

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  1. AR is the wave of the future. Starting to see a lot of this stuff in mobile apps. Very cook technology indeed.

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